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Gregory Charles’s cry from the heart for education has been the subject of much debate. Many of you have supported (or not) your ideas for improving education, as a result of our colleague Alexandre Pratt’s Sunday record.

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Smart and sensible

I would vote for him, be it the party he represents, he understood common sense. He is smart and sensible.

Danielle Tessier

Let our teachers talk

Today, the first quality of a teacher would be to be entertained. It seems to me that this does not take into account the multiple objectives of the educational program at each level and the challenges presented by the integration of students with learning difficulties and that not all benefit from the presence of the classroom. The decompartmentalization of subjects and levels could help to stimulate the teaching by projects, to favor the mutual aid between the students and the development of each one in a safe environment and attentive to the needs of each one.

Outdoor class, gardening, dancing, singing, music, visual arts, theater. We stop assuming that all students have the same tastes or strengths and adapt the requirements accordingly. Teachers will prepare the projects and any assessment will be qualitative and detailed in terms of the level of knowledge and ability of the student.

There will be moments of direct explanation if necessary for the group or for a single person and without official assessment before the fifth year. Let our “teachers” talk, there’s a lot to say.

Elaine Hebert

I would embark on it with excitement

So interesting that we are offered new ways of thinking about our world of education!

I have been actively involved in it for 50 years, teaching in high school, in school management, in teacher training and I would embark on this project with enthusiasm and enthusiasm Gregori!

Please think of me when this school materializes! Our children have such great needs and so little hope of flourishing!

Thanks for making us dream!

Lise Devey

Not because he is famous …

Another good example is not that you are a famous personality who has good ideas and should be published. Most of his ideas are based on his life, therefore, on anecdotal facts. Furthermore, there is no scientific argument to support his claims.

Jean-François Dubé, primary school teacher

ideas to explore

Gregory Charles presents good ideas, such as teaching history and moving the school calendar. These are ideas to explore. But free education must be maintained. If public school is as expensive as private school, many families will not be able to follow the train.

Pierre C. Tremblay, former teacher

No slang

We should read more sensible people like him. No slang. It may not be easy to get everything up and running, but you have to think … School in August, I say yes … No school in January, yes, yes … More complicated for parents, but it is like everything, we adapt.

Carole Vinet

He could start his own school

Mr. Charles’s solutions seem inapplicable to me in today’s world, except for a part of the population whose families have the will, the economic and cultural means, to offer their little Gregory all the luck he inherited. However, he could create his own school and benefit from a few lucky ones.

In this way, he will be able to consolidate his positions and will only be accountable to his parents (he must, however, meet certain requirements that are not insurmountable). It would be better to annoy the educational community with a project that will give birth to a mouse and that from this experience will come out bruised, not only him, but also others who will not be able to convince.

Christian Nadeau, strategic management and business architecture consultant

What costs nothing is worth nothing

My parents paid for my university and they wanted it to be worth their money, from the teachers but also and especially from mine.

I worked as a psychologist in a school for 29 years. One day I started asking students for payment (drawing, text, crafts) and I realized that they were getting more involved and progressing better.

Mr. Charles is right in saying that what costs nothing is worth nothing, air, water, we waste them because they cost nothing. Price water consumption and you will see fewer people washing their roads with large amounts of water.

Jean Bazinet

Decline and disinterest of citizens

Gregory Charles is right. I have been teaching in primary school for almost 20 years. I witnessed the collapse of the system and also the total disinterest of the citizens. Education has never been a priority in Quebec.

I had waited at the CAQ, but they were limited to setting up 4-year-old kindergartens. A very bad decision that has further harmed schools in the chronic shortage of qualified teachers.

As a result, teachers work even harder and are constantly asked to replace classmates. Not to mention the lack of premises created by these same 4-year-old kindergartens.


To be debated by open-minded people

go! Vote for Gregory right away! The challenge (reviewing our education system) is at least as colossal as that of the health review, which is currently being addressed by Mr. Dubé (and of whom I trust). Mr. Charles raises a number of excellent questions and suggestions that, while not all of them should be applied as they are, should be discussed by people with an open mind (i.e., not with a traditional view of the union). for the protection of rights and seniority). Thanks for this great article.

Eric Bergeron

So refreshing!

We would agree with 100% of your ideas, maybe not, but to create a debate, to move things beyond copy-paste-paste-wrinkle-nobody-touches-my-vacation, it would benefit everyone. It takes a lot of political will and acceptance to break your nose, of course we are far away, but we should not be afraid to stir the cage a little, a lot. Young people need it, too many of them have learning difficulties and anxiety, and it’s all because we’re trying to follow a method among millions of people … How can we think it’s the winner, decades of idiots start to rot the future adults and workers.

Juliane Papineau

We dedicate money to new approaches

I read Gregory Charles’s ideas about education with great interest. It is innovative and very refreshing. We do not spend all the money on the architecture of the new schools, but on new approaches outside the conventional framework of education. It would also give new life to our beloved teachers. Is this why the union dogma needs to be renewed a bit?

Jacqueline Roy

Good idea

Hi, I will soon be 80 years old and I was educated by nuns, the school was very serious and well supervised. I sincerely believe that Greg brings a great idea and that he has to present it to the Head of Education, it is great, fascinating. Capturing our children’s attention through storytelling, among other things, is a necessary approach for those who don’t like school.

Claudette Vezeau

Titanic refurbishment essential

Education in Quebec is under the boot of an institutional oligarchy: universities, the Superior Council of Education, MEQ deputy ministers, organizations like ADEREQ, not to mention corporatist trade union ideologies.

It means embarking on a titanic reform equivalent to that undertaken in the 1960s by Prime Minister Paul Gérin Lajoie.

No political party has had and still does not have such a reform on its agenda, which is nevertheless essential.

Sarto Lefebvre

We got there!

I have a 13 year old teenager and I agree with him, the school system needs to change! But unfortunately, few political parties have the courage to take the necessary action to make the necessary changes in 2022. Here we are! I see that my child is not as stimulated and interested in school as he should be. The current formula is just not right for boys.

Melanie Fortin

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