France 5 explains the backstage of the presidential campaign

In an hour and a half, Camille Girerd and Florent Maillet rewind this race for the presidency that has just ended, from the defeat of Valérie Pécresse to the move of Marine Le Pen. See you this Tuesday evening at 9pm.

Events clash, a campaign is advancing at a rapid pace. It seems like a long time ago when Christiane Taubira thought she could gather the left behind her name. Before facing resistance from his political family, the former justice minister had begun, as we see on the screen, stumbling upon the election date: “Victory in April 2002!”. Twenty years ago, the year in which the Guyanese was a candidate for the Radical Left Party and, therefore, guilty, in retrospect, of having ruined the chances of Lionel Jospin …

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Block against block: at the heart of the presidential election rewinds with enthusiasm and skill this 2022 campaign that is barely over. Camille Girerd and Florent Maillet’s camera has been working since last December. He captured many of these details that explain the day-to-day life of a candidate: drum selfies, tiredness and impatience, excitement on stage … To analyze the different strategies used in this battle, the authors sought the services of several journalists of the World among them Abel Mestre, Geoffroy Lejeune of Current values or philosophy professor Pierre-Henri Tavoillot.

Key point of this presidential election, these specialists or witnesses evoke the “dumb” of Marine Le Pen as a woman who loves cats and the French. And repeating at will the positive impact that Eric Zemmour’s campaign alone had. An activist sums it up in her own way: “Zemmour? Don’t tell him that on the 5th of the month there is nothing to eat, that he will not understand anything! ” Le Pen hears the rage coming at him. But sometimes he seeks his words to answer them. Behind them, loud voices sing: “We’re home! We’re home!”.

Z com Zemmour

They already saw it there … We rediscover the fervor that surrounded Eric Zemmour’s campaign. The “Z”, as his fans call him. “Save us from this rubbish that rules us”, launches one of them. Seeing nothing wrong with the terms used, the candidate promises this individual that he can “watch out for him”. Backstage, Reconquest! they are just straps. Zemmour, happy to roll in this France he loves so much, disappears into the arms of Philippe de Villiers. We find out from Villiers that he cried, discovering the first encounter of the “Z”. He regretted not having had the courage in the past.

Jean-Luc Melenchon. © Together Media

Mid-January. Jean-Luc Mélenchon discovers, while a boxer is wearing a boxing ring, the Nantes fairgrounds. This meeting “Immersive and olfactory” being well, according to him, the popular awakening. “Do you feel like you’re dictating the pace of the campaign?”hire a journalist. “Little bit”, replies the LFI leader, with a flirtatious smile. His talent as a speaker and actor is beyond doubt. Those of Anne Hidalgo, a little more. In Aubervilliers, the candidate is addressing several empty seats. How did the Socialist Party fall like this? We only regret that there are no further structural analyzes of French political life in this film.

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The camera shows Valérie Pécresse happy, convinced, unaware of the discomfort that awaits her. We smile secretly when she is happy to end her campaign “in a village” because she is “the candidate for rurality ”. Eric Fottorino explains his 4.78% as follows: “All the issues he was advocating – he didn’t realize – had already been absorbed by Macron.” Its campaign director, Patrick Stefanini, also acknowledged a failure to favor the exposure of multiple measures rather than a specific issue. “I do not know if he is reluctantadds Fottorino, but Emmanuel Macron was finally the best candidate on the right … “

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