5 electric cars that cost no more than 3 € / 100 km

At € 18,690 without bonuses, the cheapest electric car on the market is no longer given. It is true that the generous CO2 bonus reduces the price of a Dacia Spring to € 13,000 by buying a new one, but this tax increase should not make us forget that despite favorable policies and the efforts of manufacturers, “zero emissions ”Are still very expensive. In Dacia, the Sandero, with much more advanced services than the Spring, actually starts at € 10,790. To compensate for this pain, electric cars, on the other hand, have a very low cost per kilometer, on average between 2 and 4 times lower than that of a petrol or diesel car.. But even within electricity, disparities exist and some are cheaper than others.

Pay attention to the consumption indicated on the control panel!

This spring of 2022, We highlight 5 models whose cost per 100 km is less than or equal to 3 €. To establish this ranking, we explored our database and extracted the lowest consumption in kWh. Like all the measures we publish throughout the year, these are the result of precise protocols performed with independent teams. In terms of electricity, the consumption we observe is clearly higher than that given by the control panel. Normal, because the car only gives the amount of electricity absorbed by the electric motor and, at best, the control and power electronics. Or the charger on board the car (not the charging cable …) also consumes energy at the time of recharging, which you do not see on your dashboard.

To realize this, you only need to measure the amount of electricity that returns to the battery after it has been emptied, which we do for each measurement cycle: city, road and highway in order to average weighted. That is multiplied by the average price per kWh, which we have set at € 0.174 for this spring of 2022. The main goal is to know how much electricity you will pay on your bill at the end of the month..

Surprises among the 5 cheapest electric cars to drive

After collecting the data, Therefore, we can offer our top 5 cheapest electric cars to drive today. If the Dacia Spring logically comes to the fore thanks to extremely low average consumption due to its light weight, its small tires and its low power, the rest of this “top” puts the Hyundai and Kia models in front, which are compact. or compact. SUV. So many models redesigned or renewed since its launch but whose electrical mechanics have changed little, showing all the relevance of Korean electricity. You also have to take your hat off to the little BMW i3, whose almost 10 years have not polluted its efficiency.

The true autonomy of the most sober electric cars of the moment

Model Autonomy of the city Road autonomy Autonomy of the motorway
ModelDacia spring Autonomy of the city227 km Road autonomy156 km Autonomy of the motorway110 km
ModelHyundai Kona 64 kWh Autonomy of the city467 km Road autonomy380 km Autonomy of the motorway265 km
Model42 kWh BMW i3 Autonomy of the city292 km Road autonomy241 km Autonomy of the motorway160 km
ModelHyundai Ioniq 39 kWh Autonomy of the city269 ​​km Road autonomy233 km Autonomy of the motorway160 km
ModelKia e-Niro 64 kWh Autonomy of the city448 km Road autonomy359 km Autonomy of the motorway244 km
ModelKia e-Soul 64 kWh Autonomy of the city448 km Road autonomy353 km Autonomy of the motorway265 km

The ranking of the cheapest electric cars to drive

Classification Model City consumption road consumption Highway consumption Average consumption Cost per 100 km
Classification1 ModelDacia spring City consumption12.8 kWh road consumption 18.7 kWh Highway consumption26.5 kWh Average consumption15.8 kWh Cost per 100 km€ 2.70
Classification2 ModelHyundai Kona 64 kWh City consumption14.9 kWh road consumption 17.6 kWh Highway consumption26.3 kWh Average consumption16.3 kWh Cost per 100 km€ 2.80
Classification3 Model42 kWh BMW i3 City consumption15.1 kWh road consumption 18.3 kWh Highway consumption27.6 kWh Average consumption16.7 kWh Cost per 100 km€ 2.90
Classification3 draws ModelHyundai Ioniq 39 kWh City consumption15.7 kWh road consumption 18.1 kWh Highway consumption26.3 kWh Average consumption16.9 kWh Cost per 100 km€ 2.90
Classification5 ModelKia e-Niro 64 kWh City consumption15.8 kWh road consumption 18.3 kWh Highway consumption29.1 kWh Average consumption17.1 kWh Cost per 100 km€ 3
Classification5 draws ModelKia e-Soul 64 kWh City consumption13.8 kWh road consumption 20.8 kWh Highway consumption27.8 kWh Average consumption17.3 kWh Cost per 100 km€ 3

Compare the actual range of the best electric cars according to our standardized measurement cycle. Battery capacity, consumption, autonomy, we tell you everything!

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