What is the top of the range of beams worth?

We presented to you, a few weeks ago, the first driving test of the Citroën C5 X. This one great sedan marks the pinnacle of Citroën’s range, and above all the culmination of its all-comfort strategy and unconventional style. In this first test, we drove a mid-range version, the 180 hp thermal. An interesting engine, especially because prices are still really competitive with the competition.

But today, Auto Plus pushes the slider one step further. Place it now in the Citroën C5 X plug-in hybrid 225, in Shine Pack finish. It’s just about the most expensive Citroën catalog, if we leave aside the Spacetourer electric vans. With almost 50,000 euros, we are a long way from a Citroën Ami here … So it’s really worth it champion of the Citroën philosophy ? Is opting for this plug-in hybrid really a good idea? The answer to our test, in video here:

Inside: comfort and zen atmosphere!

Inside, we are very welcome in this Citroën C5 X. As always, comfort is the priority of the brand, and Advanced Comfort seats clearly reflects this. The presentation is not the most impressive on the market, however the level of finish is quite satisfactory. The same goes for the 12-inch center screen, which is responsive and easy to use. The very big one The up view is very successful, and in particular you can use the large format GPS map. Practice. On the other hand, the main flaw of this C5 X, however high-end, is still the digital dashboard. Small and unconfigurable, this interior is a bit old. In practice, it is completely forgotten in front of the HUD. We would have preferred that Citroën go to the end of the process and remove it, for better visibility behind the wheel.

The rear seats are a great strength of the Citroën C5 X.the habitability is very generous, for the legs as well as for the head. The bench seat is also well padded. Specific to this high-end model, we take advantage of a button to move the passenger seat forward, to free up even more space in the back. Limousine style! We also appreciate the sunroof and the beautiful glass surface – enough to further enhance itspace printing. The trunk is a little smaller than in the internal combustion versions: it was measured by Labo Auto Plus 445L, compared to the more than 500 L of the other versions. Everything is going well, especially because its access is very well thought out, with a wide rear door, a very square opening, and bars that allow you to slide your luggage.

At the wheel of the Citroën C5 X: a real flying carpet!

At the wheel, we want to use a familiar expression: Flying Carpet. This is really the impression that makes this Citroën C5 X, when you go over speed bumps, noise bands and other imperfections. It really takes a lot to annoy the occupants of this great Citroën.

Especially because the plug-in hybrid version has access piloted suspensions, and the accompanying driving modes. In Comfort mode, float above the road. Sport mode, all relative, allows better control of cash movements. But we stay away from a dynamic sedan on the Peugeot 508, for example. And that’s good: this bias for comfort, above all, pays off.

Is the plug-in hybrid really worth it?

On the engine side, the rechargeable hybrid is, as always, reserved for a very specific use. Autonomy in 100% electric mode is 39 km on average according to our measurements. Enough for your commute in most cases. But if you can’t recharge your car at home or in the office, the extra cost of this engine will be impossible to recoup: the consumption of the empty battery amounts to 8 L / 100 km. And don’t expect renewed dynamism either. With a 0 to 100 km / h measured in 8.8 seconds, and especially about 300 kg more compared to the thermal version, the increase in performance compared to the PureTech 180, but with a bonus of almost € 6,000 less expensive, n it is not obvious.

In short, a top of the range in general very convincing: comfort, habitability, we find Citroën values ​​the most. But study your uses carefully before opting for the rechargeable hybrid, unless you are part of a professional fleet.

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