What is Steampunk?

It’s obvious to me to start this article by explaining what Steampunk is.

Depending on the resource you are looking for, whether it’s a Wikipedia entry or a reputable French Steampunk site, you’ll find a variety of answers and interpretations to this creative movement that has grown in popularity but has also caught the public’s curiosity. general.

For my part, based on my own research and my passions for the subject, I have compiled an article that offers several descriptions of what I think is steampunk.

Quick definition of Steampunk

There really isn’t an easy answer to this question, so let’s take a look at the history and culture behind the term “Steampunk”.

The term “Steampunk” was originally coined by KW Jeter in his 1979 novel Morlock Night. For this reason, Jeter’s book is generally considered to have established the Steampunk genre.

The earliest reference to this universe was used to describe a particular subgenre of science fiction and speculative fiction that features an element of fantasy. This genre became popular in the 1980s and early 1990s, although similar works were written long before that time.

Over the years, Steampunk has become more than just a reference to literary works and a subculture in its own right. In modern times, Steampunk has inspired everything from fashion and art to jewelry and home decor. There is still a growing movement to establish Steampunk as a culture and lifestyle.

According to the sites of this art, Steampunk is considered to be related to the cyberpunk genre. Many Steampunk fantasy novels are set in an alternate 19th century version.

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This is the case, for example, with the Wild West for American stories and the Victorian era for British stories. The plots of the novels generally revolve around the distant future, torn apart by a catastrophic and apocalyptic event.

In these futuristic worlds, steam engines play an important role. This explains why Steampunk is often referred to as “neo-Victorian”. Steampunk explains how people in the 19th century imagined that the world would change and what it might be like in the distant future. This includes aspects such as art, machinery, architecture, fashion and culture.

Origin of Steampunk and Technology

In the Steampunk world, the technology we know today in the form of modern electronics no longer exists.

However, these modern electronic devices that we use are often replaced by something even more cool, such as a lightning rod or perhaps a time travel device.

What we know as modern aircraft could be replaced by a ship traveling with the power of hot air balloons. Basically, the Steampunk genre combines elements of the past and the present. While it may somehow take the reader back to a simpler era of steam engines, it also features gadgets and travel methods that are very advanced in many ways.

A common theme in the Steampunk literature is an elaborate machine designed to perform a fairly basic task.

The Urban Dictionary defines this genre as “How could the past be if the future had passed before,” which seems like a pretty good description of a phrase from the genre and the subculture it generated. .

Steampunk style, how is it?

Steampunk fashion has no established patterns, but tends to synthesize modern styles influenced by the Victorian era. May be:

  • dresses,
  • corsets,
  • petticoats,
  • bustiers,
  • dresses with vests,
  • coats and leggings,
  • military-inspired clothing.

Steampunk-influenced dresses will often be accentuated with a mix of tech and vintage accessories, such as watches, umbrellas, goggles, and jet guns.

Steampunk style for women

Women’s clothing combines garments such as a solid-colored peasant-style top and a corset or waistband for a retro look. Full and serrated skirts are also essential to create one steampunk lookas are boots and shoes.

Think of styles reminiscent of the Victorian era with laces or buckles. Black and brown are always good color choices to wear when creating a Steampunk dress. Second hand stores are a great place to find vintage pieces. You can also use useful DIY ideas that you can find online to create accessories like a cool top hat.

Steampunk style for men

Men’s clothing includes suits and coats combined with a top hat for a very trendy steampunk look. Opt for vintage styles and add fashion accessories such as glasses or pocket watches to highlight the theme.

There are also many Steampunk costumes already made available online. With these costumes and some key accessories, you can look great for any costume occasion like Halloween or cosplay events.

Complementing with jewelry is a great way to embellish your vintage dress. For example, you can add a pocket watch or a pendant that represents a pocket watch. Other typical jewelry items include pieces with gears or hanging watch pieces, or perhaps a special piece with an owl or kraken.

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