What are we seeing on Netflix in May 2022?

We are getting used to it. At the end of each month, Netflix unveils the programs that will enrich its catalog the following month. In the May program? The resounding return of Strange thingsa destabilizing documentary about a glaucous gynecologist or even season 2 of Detective Conan. Everyone should find their account …

May Netflix Series

Stranger Things – Season 4, Part 1

Finally!!! After almost three years of waiting, they are back! Eleven, Mike, Dustin and their band of friends are back on our little screen and nothing makes us happier. Our favorite teenagers have grown up well and so have their problems. In Hawkins, California or Russia, it smells burnt. The first part of the long awaited season 4 of Strange things arrives on Netflix on May 27th. We tremble with impatience.

Love, Death + Robots – Volume 3

From the first season, Love, death + robots it dazzles us. This animated anthology series is a hit. We happily explore different genres and diverse topics, in fairly short episodes. If you’re a fan of adult entertainment, Love, death + robots it’s made for you. The third volume lands May 20.


Have you ever heard of Stockholm Syndrome? Netflix invites us to immerse ourselves in the story of the man behind it: Clark Olofsson, the famous Swedish bank robber of the 70’s. A crazy series led by actor Bill Skarsgård inspired “truths and lies” of the criminal’s life. To be discovered from May 5th.

Even more Netflix series?

  • Three meters above the sky – Season 3 (May 4)
  • The Pentaverat (May 5)
  • Welcome to Eden (May 6)
  • Working mothers – Season 6 (May 10)
  • Lincoln’s defense (May 13)
  • Who killed Sara? – Season 3 (May 18)
  • Our Blues (May 21)

The Netflix movies of the month

Far from the Perif

Omar Sy and Laurent Lafitte play against each other Far from the Perif. Two opposing police officers must work together, ten years after joining. And they don’t like that. For them, he leads a small village in the Alps to investigate a sordid murder. Near the outcome of the case, they will discover an even more terrifying reality. It will hit Netflix May 6 Next.

But also…

  • On the way to the future (May 6)
  • Marmaduke (May 6)
  • Last year (May 13)
  • The Perfect Family (May 18)
  • A perfect match (May 19)
  • Fuck love, always (May 20)

Are you attracted to a documentary?

Our father to all

Forty years ago, medically assisted procreation benefited from colossal progress, and Dr. Donald Cline was an ace in the field. Years later, we learned that he actually used his sperm to inseminate most of his patients. A sordid affair that shook the United States … Our father to all is to be discovered from May 11 Next.

The other Netflix documentaries to discover

  • Apnea: crossing under the ice (May 3)
  • Power Plant Panic: Three Mile Island (May 4)
  • Wild babies: small and wild (May 5)
  • Cyber ​​Hell: The Horror Network (May 18)
  • Censored for murder: José Luis Cabezas (May 19)

What anime to watch on Netflix in May?

Detective Conan – Season 2

Would you like some nostalgia again? After adding the first season of Detective Conan in its catalog last September, Netflix is ​​doing better with the second season of May 15. And we love each other Detective Conan. So that makes us happy.

Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045

the May 23, Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 returns with its second season. Something to please fans of the legendary futuristic sci-fi franchise. To put you back in the bathroom, the feature film Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 Sustainable War revisit the first season with never-before-seen scenes and a new color gradation for all shots. To discover the May 9 Next.

  • Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (May 14)
  • vampire in the garden (May 16)

Even more movies to watch and watch again

  • The hatred (May 1)
  • I will see (May 1)
  • Cheetah (May 1)
  • Hippocrates (May 1)
  • Men in Black 3 (May 1)
  • Before you (May 1)
  • The Millers, a growing family (May 1)
  • Widows (May 28)

Route in May! Netflix has great programs ready for us and we can’t wait to find out. Please note that the platform loves to reveal surprises to us without warning. What program are you waiting for?

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