The 2 magic tricks to open your car if your keys are locked inside

This is a phenomenon that has probably happened to many of you. Getting stuck in front of the car with the keys inside is a scene that scares a lot of people. But here are the solutions to open your car if this happens!

Car safety, a tested system?

This is an aspect that all manufacturers take into account in order to allow motorists a certain level of safety when using the road.

Therefore, you should know that the latter has increased a lot in recent years, making vehicles safer.

This means that our current cars are better protected than they were a few years ago. This ensures the safety of motorists but also of other road users.

Thus, we can take into account the appearance of the air cushion system that allows to ensure massages in case of frontal impact.

But the seat belt and various other elements of the car have also been modified to provide greater safety. In particular, the housing and engine or passenger compartment parts that now provide safe comfort.

But it turns out that despite all their progress, unforeseen events can happen. Like the situation where the vehicle key is stuck inside, and so it locks us.

How to open the car if the keys are inside?

This situation could traumatize many people!

This is a vision that many motorists are afraid to see, as it means that their vehicle is currently locked. And this can happen in a variety of situations, especially before you go shopping, or even going to work.

A nightmare, which can still have many solutions. To do this, you need to know that there are several solutions available if you are in this situation.

If you have a duplicate of the keys, then it is possible to open your vehicle and the situation is resolved. If you do not have one, you can call a professional or use the following methods.

To get started, you can use a clothes hanger or a piece of stiff wire. This will allow you to perform the following method.

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Bring a hanger or wire if you find one. To use the hanger, unfold it to form a long cord and bend the end to make it stronger. If your car has a vertical lock button, insert the cable into a small space between the glass and the bottom sash and slide the cable out. Once you reach the button, twist the cord to a 90 ° angle with the glass and this will allow you to pull that button.

You may not be able to resolve this issue the first time. But this does not mean that everything is lost, on the contrary! You can try again and again until you press the right button to unlock your vehicle.

Another method, less used!

There are many methods to be able to open the vehicle if the keys are nailed inside.

In the event of an emergency, it is possible to break the window, but it is still a last resort. And especially if no one can help you!

So keep in mind that there is another method, which could save you in this situation! The latter is called the loop method and refers to older cars.

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To do this, use a string and tie a sliding knot. Pass the loop through the top of the glass and try to catch the latch. Once that’s done, tighten the knot and pull up!

It will probably be necessary to repeat the operation until the situation is resolved. Do not be discouraged, it will inevitably pass with time and calm.

But if you can’t unlock your car after all its attempts, you have to face the facts. Therefore, call a locksmith so that he can provide a suitable solution to your problem.

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