Test Renault Arkana E-Tech Hybrid 145: very smooth

Initially not planned for the French market, the Renault Arkana finally landed on our roads a few months ago to drive the SUV Coupé trend. Try your E-Tech Hybrid immediately.

Upon boarding, we are immediately pleased to see how the manufacturer is progressing in the market. The cabin is definitely more modern and cozy. The floating screen gives the center console a certain cachet and makes you want to be handled. I was glad to see a system of information and entertainment that is now fluid, while adopting up-to-date, well-thought-out graphics. My (small) disappointment will come from the shift lever, which is certainly very nice and nice in the hand, but the cheap side of the spring that allows you to switch between Drive and Brake spoils a bit the generally good quality of the assembly . In fact, plastics are in an ideal position and are not ugly. The carbon-like insert is tasteful and the lightweight ambience adds charm to the cabin. To feel more comfortable, I would have liked the audio controls to be available under the screen, such as air conditioning (hallelujah!) And not hidden behind the wheel.

After observation, practice. We feel good in this new Arkana. Everything to the touch is globally attractive and we are perfectly seated in the Sport seats of our RS Line finish. I’m just afraid the rear passengers are a little cramped. Although the space above the head is acceptable, it is mainly in the legs where the shoe pinches. As is often the case, the central square is not very welcoming either. Finally, the trunk offers a good load volume with 480 liters (or even 513 liters for complete heat engines) and, surprisingly, there is a spare wheel. A first for a few tests!

When we know that the design is among the top 3 selection criteria, Renault had to offer a SUV Coupé here. Honestly, the Arkana is generally a nice car; especially in this configuration Orange Valencia and RS Line finish. But it’s a closer look, which isn’t always seductive, in fact not everything is necessarily consistent. Mainly at the back, the trunk looks too massive to me. It is too high and too narrow, unfortunately it loses its balance. The profile, however, is successful, with a dynamic and slender style. Like the front face, which, although already a bit obsolete especially for the future Austral, is pleasing to the eye.

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