Good value for money analysis of the NetLife 2 (UAF Life Patrimoine) contract to the convergence of Internet contracts and CGPI contracts

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NetLife 2 is a life insurance contract taken out by the UAF Life Heritage Platform with the life insurer Spirica based on a specifications intended for crossing :

  • the maximum benefits of internet contracts,
  • with the maximum equity of CGPI contracts.

The result of this crossing allowed the parties to build a contract that benefits from a number of benefits for the saver. NetLife 2 supports a level of overall costs for savers below average for equity contracts, who is winning at the same time:

  • for the saver who will benefit better financial performance over time,
  • i by your financial advisorusually a CGPI that will benefit from contract of which the deed of sale will be facilitated due to a favorable comparison with the practice of other own contracts of the market.

NetLife 2 offers the two modes of financial management standard for an asset-based life insurance policy, ie:

  • from hands-free savings managementwhich can also activate one or the other of the financial management options offered (these are highly configurable and completely free in case of triggering an arbitration):
    • progressive investment from € 150 per term,
    • ensure capital gains with a latent capital gain threshold that can be set differently for each unit of account from 5%,
    • the relative stop-loss with a latent capital loss threshold that can be set differently for each unit of account from -5%,
    • automatic rebalancing of savings compared to a reference assignment set by the client, subject to a minimum amount to be arbitrated of € 150,
  • from driven management (“Management under collective mandate”) with three external offers.

According to its position, NetLife 2 subscription and management is fully onlinefor both the client and their advisor.

Key Benefits of NetLife 2

  • Contract that offers a set of attractive rates for the saverbecause it aligns with Internet contracting practices:
    • No entrance fees in payments: 0%
    • No arbitration fees spent online by saver: 0%
    • Absence of arbitration fees in case of activation of an automatic arbitration option
    • Contractual commissions on unit-linked assets limited to 0.70% per annum.
  • Opening the range of units of account to new generation media in life insurance:
    • 43 real estate supportsincluding 20 SCPIs, 6 SCIs, 1 SCP, 16 OPTIONS,
    • 40 index supports (followers or ETF),
    • 113 animated titles (live actions),
    • 8 unlisted funds (FCPR).
  • Contract that offers multiple pocketsthat is, the possibility of the saver being combined in the same contract:
    • direct management part of your free management savings,
    • delegated management of other parts of their savings through one or more of the management mandates offered (managed management offerings offered by Edmond de Rothschild AM, Tailor AM, and Active Asset Allocation).
  • Contract that integrates two recent Spirica innovations at the service of savers:
    • the New generation euro fundpartially guaranteed euro funds reduced to 98% per annum with the aim of further diversifying its assets, have served in 2020 and 2021 a rate of 1.65% (net of contributions and gross Social Security contributions),
    • the Long-term allocation growth fundinternal fund managed by Spirica based on the principle:
      • of launch a new generation every year of the fund maturing on December 31, the 8thth next year, for example: December 31, 2030 for payments made during the year 2022,
      • with a guarantee for the saver in this maturity of 80% of the invested capital.
    • Relatively affordable contract for its functional richnesswith respectively:
      • a possible subscription from € 1,000 initial paymentwith a minimum endowment of € 75 per medium,
      • the possible setup of free scheduled payments (monthly or quarterly) from € 150 per share with a minimum endowment for support reduced to € 50,
      • possible access to managed management profiles offers (“collective mandate management”) from € 1,000 payment per profile.

Main disadvantages of NetLife 2

  • Managed management bid prices (“Collective mandate management”) up to 0.80% per annum of the outstanding units of account in question, noting, however, that the saver is completely free to opt (or not) for one and / or the other of these offers.
  • Existence of specific fees in case the saver wants to invest some of the “unconventional” supports of the contractwhich includes, in particular, SCPI, indexing media (trackers or ETFs) and live securities.
  • Range of managed management bids winning to extend beyond what is proposed today, with a broader spectrum types of management and levels of risk.

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