Electric car, cybersecurity: the promises we long for Emmanuel Macron

Emmanuel Macron was re-elected on April 24, 2022. He is expected on many issues for his next term, and the promises he made during his campaign have not been forgotten.

58.5% of the vote: Emmanuel Macron was re-elected against Marine Le Pen on Sunday, April 24, 2022. However, his second term will not begin immediately. The inauguration of the presidents, even re-elected, is an extremely codified ritual, and Emmanuel Macron will have to follow a ceremony (which must take place between April 27 and May 13) before he can officially begin his second mandate.

But even before this second term begins, the president is expected to address many issues. Ecology, environmental protection, transformation and innovation in the technology sector: here are the measures close to the editorial line of Numerama on which the president will be expected most during this five-year period.

Technological promises

Emmanuel Macron had not made many digital proposals for this election, unlike what he had done in 2017, basing part of his program on innovation and technology. Only a dozen measures on new technologies appeared in his campaign notebook for the 2022 elections. Among these proposals, the ones we have kept are the following:

  • Achieve total broadband coverage of the territory : At a time when teleworking is becoming more widespread and becoming a long-term one, good broadband coverage needs to be guaranteed across the country. This is largely the case: the first broadband connection plans were launched in 2010, under Nicolas Sarkozy, and the country’s total fiber coverage was already included in Emmanuel Macron’s program in 2017. Of the 40 million households, 30 million are currently covered. for fiber optics, and now there is more fiber optic access than ADSL. However, there are still places that are not yet covered by fiber, and the president has set a goal in 2025 to connect the latter places.
  • The arrival of the scam filter » : promised by Emmanuel Macron, this filter is still quite vague. However, it should allow warn in real time all internet users before going to a site already identified as potentially trapped A solution that could help French women and men avoid the darkest places and fraudulent operations.
  • Recruitment of 1,500 “cyber patrollers” : this was an unexpected measure. Emmanuel Macron wants to recruit 1,500 agents responsible for the fight against cybercrime. Their missions would include the foresight and awareness “And these cyber patrollers would be, among other things,” technical experts If we still know little about them, cybersecurity is more critical than ever, and more experts can only be welcomed.
  • In the same vein, increasing the resources allocated to cybersecurity : Emmanuel Macron mentioned in his show that he wanted to innovative innovations to deal with cyber threats. He announced his intention to increase the resources of ANSSI, the National Agency for Information Systems Security.

On a lighter topic, we are also looking forward to seeing future sporting events organized in France. In an interview with The Big Whale, the president said he wanted to welcome them. ” the largest e-sports events in the world apart from the Olympic Games, held in Paris in 2024.

We are waiting to see what sporting events will take place in France // Source: Florian Olivo / Unsplash

Emmanuel Macron’s promises about ecology

Ecology and environmental protection are essential, and urgent action is needed to limit climate change. Emmanuel Macron’s program was not the greenest of the candidates – especially against Yannick Jadot’s – but it was much better than Marine Le Pen’s. These are the environmental measures that Numerama uses:

  • Investment in agriculture decarbonize the sector: Emmanuel Macron proposes “ massive investments in innovation »In the agricultural sector, especially in the fields of robotics, digital technology, or even varietal selection, all to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases linked to agriculture. As the sector is responsible for 19% of carbon emissions in France, action is needed.
  • Electric car rental. This was one of the candidate’s promises: to allow the long-term rental of long-term electric cars for less than 100 euros a month for the French. An idea that would help households move from a polluting vehicle to a low-cost, low-carbon alternative.
Electric car, cybersecurity: Emmanuel Macron's long-awaited promises
Will it be possible to rent electric cars for less than 100e / month soon? // Source: Andrew Roberts / Unsplash
  • Invest in green hydrogen : Hydrogen is a gas used in many industries, but its manufacturing process still releases a lot of greenhouse gases. However, it is possible to produce this gas in a much more environmentally friendly way: this is called green hydrogen. This is a sector in which Emmanuel Macron wants to invest, in order to make France a ” leading country » in the countryside.
  • Renewable energy development : Emmanuel Macron proposed building 50 new offshore wind farms by 2050 and multiplying by 10 “ solar energy “in the country. However, some of these projects are expected to be completed sooner.

These are not all measures: In between rounds, Emmanuel Macron repeated several times his desire to name a “ Prime Minister Climate “The latter (or the latter, you never know) would take care of.” ecological planning. We are waiting to see.

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