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Karine Ferri will turn 40 on April 25th! Her encounter with Grégory Lemarchal, her past as a young lady, her outrageous photos, her “Achilles heel”, her family life, her tattoo, her strange therapy … Secrets of the PAF’s most smiling host!

Karine Ferri 40 years ago on April 25th. Her bright smile and good humor have been shining on your screens since the early 2000’s, but do you really know the host with bubbles? His “Achilles heel”, his high school career, his encounter with Grégory Lemarchal, his children, his family life far from Paris, his tattoo, his animals. Here’s everything you (maybe) didn’t know about the host.

Karine Ferri: “Achilles heel” and hair disaster

Karine Jalabert, her real name, was born in 1982 BC Suresnesin the Hauts-de-Seine, and grew up not far away, Rueil-Malmaisonwith his brother David and his parents, who head to child protection institution.

Like many women, Karine Ferri experienced her own hair disaster, but fortunately quite young. “At 9, I cut my fringe on my own. It was unrecoverable: twisted, with a huge hole… They offered me dolls so I could cut their hair latershe said Magic Mother.

During her studies of modern literature, Karine Ferri earns her money with … have dogs! “I had to stop because I couldn’t get the dogs back anymore because I got too attached to them. My love for animals is really my Achilles heel“, confided the host wamiz.

After her studies, Karine Ferri embarked on modeling and beauty contests. In 1999 she was elected Miss Hauts-de-Seine for Ms. World Franceso First finalist of Miss World France 2000.

Karine Ferri: Outrageous photos

But it was at the age of 21, in 2004, when Karine Ferri began to make a name for herself among viewers, when she participated in the High school, the single gentleman, on the M6. She is a finalist, but is ultimately not chosen by Steven, who gives his rose to Candice.

That year, some nude photos of Karine Ferri they are published without their knowledge in journals Interview i Playboy. “I took these photos when I was 18: an age where one is naive and confident. They were sold without my knowledgewithout my knowledge, and they were found in a magazine and elsewhere, as if I had put them, which is not true.“, he later explained to Here it is.

Karine Ferri is then permanently installed on our screens host shows activated FunTV yen presenting the time on the M6. It was in 2012 that she joined TF1 to co-present The voice with Nikos Aliagas.

Karine Ferri: her meeting with Grégory Lemarchal

Karine Ferri lived a love story, both romantic and tragic, with Gregori Lemarchal. It was in 2005 that the young animator met the winner of Star Academy 4 … thanks to her make-up artist, who is also the singer. “One day, Grégory calls Laetitia (her make-up artist, editor’s note), on her cell phone while she was putting on my makeup. ‘It’s Grégory from Star’Ac!’ He told me aside. ‘Oh, yes, it is not bad, he! ‘ I answered. She hangs up and says, “Well, imagine he just told me he’d find you sooner.” lovely. ‘ My blood just went around. I have he asked Laetitia to give her my phone number quickly. It was the first time he had done such a thingshe said Party of Paris.

A few days later, Karine Ferri finds the young singer in her apartment. Eager to seduce her, she prepares sautéed beef and potatoes. “In fact, prepared by his mother, I found out later“, he told the weekly.

However, the lovers took their time! “He took it I wait six months for you to tell me ‘I love you’ for the first time. I couldn’t take it anymore, but I liked it“, added.

Unfortunately, Gregory Lemarchal dies of the consequences of cystic fibrosis, April 30, 2007 ”.When he left, I could have stayed in my corner to mourn, to keep sad. I have he chose to fight me. To live. Anyone who has known Grégory, given the way he fought in adversity against the disease, cannot give up. When I have the blues, I like to hear their rendition of Show Must Go On. I draw energy from him to move forward“He confided in her Gala in 2009.

Karine Ferri: her family life away from Paris

Then Karine Ferri finds love in her arms Footballer Yoann Gourcuff, whom he married in 2019 in La Motte, in the Var. They are both parents Maelborn in 2016, i Claudiawhich was launched in 2018.

Karine Ferri resides with his family in Brittany, in a quiet corner. During the week, he finds the Paris riot for his work. “When Yoann was on the pitch, it was important for me to accompany him. That’s how we were very cool in front of each other’s schedules, and career options. I think this is love“He confided in her 50 ‘Inside.

Fifteen years after the death of Grégory Lemarchal, Karine Ferri still maintains very good relations with the parents of the deceased singer. “We are very close. He calls us again stepmother and stepmother (…) Our relationships have not changed“, he confided in Grégory Lemarchal’s mother 7 of 7.

Karine Ferri, an animal lover, has two dogs. Bella and Dolmenand a cat named menhir.

Karine Ferri: Her Secret Against Depression

When it has a weak point, the host has a real panacea … the cicalotherapy! “Last summer, I recorded singing cicadas on my phone. Now, whenever I’m a little tired or depressed, I listen to this recording. To my surprise, it fills me with happiness. A real cure for melancholy“, he confided in his book A life in balance.

Passionate about cars and cinema, the amazing animator wrote her first book about these two passions. Nomenat Legendary cars in the cinemathe book was published in 2019.

Karine Ferri, who has several tattoos on his body, has one whose symbolism is especially poignant. The presenter had Grégory and Karine’s initials tattooed on her wrist. “GK“, In homage to his story with Grégory Lemarchal.

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