Can social media reconcile young people with the practice of sport?

Young French people are bad students in the practice of sport. The World Health Organization (WHO) is of this opinion, which reveals that 87% of young French people do less physical activity than the recommended minimum of one hour a day. Published in 2019, the report on physical activity among French schoolchildren aged 11 to 17 put France at 119i place of the 146 countries studied.

Cultural issues have arisen, as Paul Dietschy, a professor of contemporary history at the University of Franche-Comté, explains in Ouest-France: “French culture tends to despise the body and therefore sport. » But also a critique of social media, too consumed by generations Y and Z, who shy away from sport.

Social media as your first contact with sport?

However, some sports federations rely heavily on these communication channels to try to renew license holders. This is especially the case with the French Judo Federation (FFJA). «», explains Stéphane David, director of communications. The combat discipline has been headed for a year by a new office, with a new president especially, younger and “more open” on current issues.

Therefore, the FFJA understands the codes of social networks and multiplies collaborations with personalities, such as Claude de Koh-Lanta. “The idea is not to ask Claude to say, ‘Judo is great,’ but to make this sport understandable, which is mostly educational.”Stéphane David continued.

When it comes to networks that the Federation does not yet know enough about, such as Twitch, it agrees to be removed from its own events in collaboration with streamers (a person who broadcasts live), which dominate its work tool. In February 2022, judo relied on Breton Rivenzi to highlight the Grand Slam in Paris, the largest national competition. “He was completely free. To ensure repetition, there was only one technical team. No member of the Federation dictates his words.”explains Stéphane David.

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An event attended by 300,000 people, on a cumulative basis, on Twitch, with positive comments from spectators, but also from athletes … Because for a post-fight interview, judoka Amandine Buchard took part in the exercise and indicated have passed a “good time” with Rivenzi. “Strengthens the bond between an athlete and his federation, when he sees that we do things that he is used to consuming”the FFJA rejoices.

Twitch streamers also promote sports

Today, all sports organizations are increasingly understanding the importance of social media. This is an observation made by Domingo, a streamer with 1.4 million Twitch subscribers.

For an event on his channel, Pierre-Alexis Bizot, real name, had to contact the organization of Roland-Garros to rent the track Philippe-Chartrier, for a double match, in team with Benoît Paire, rival by Zerator (streamer) and Gaël Monfils. “This is a novelty for organizations, which are not yet accustomed to this type of event. But we are lucky to have people in the offices of the French Tennis Federation (FFT) which pushed us to help us assemble it. »

The Parisian streamer is also used to sports challenges of all kinds and hopes that young people will want to practice in turn. Domingo remarkably completed the Paris marathon (in 3 h 34’25 ”), or even more recently connected Paris-Roubaix, by bicycle, in the company of the young Inoxtag, youtuber with 5 million subscribers.

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Sometimes, as with his program L’Échappée, he is the one who faces several personalities of the network in a virtual cycling race: “People come to see a streamer who appreciates, in order to excel, with sports, and that allows them to say, ‘I can do that too.’ »

Can social media reconcile young people with the practice of sport?

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