accompany the dogs on plane trips!

In the United States, a young woman passionate about dogs and travel has found a way to combine the 2. Her job is to accompany the puppies by plane to their destination, where their families are waiting for them impatiently.

Jennifer Kopczynski she is the proud owner of a Poodle Toy that brings her great joy every day. She is also a “flying babysitter” for dogs; that is, he accompanies the puppies transported by plane to deliver them to their future owners, according to the story. Daily legs.

It all started when the breeder from whom he had acquired his 4-legged friend asked him for a small favor. He was looking for someone to stand next to another young canine of his pup on a plane to take to his new owners. The ticket of Jennifer Kopczynski and obviously all expenses were paid.

Article illustration: This woman has found the job of her dreams: accompany the dogs on the plane trips!
Jennifer Kopczynski

The latter accepted and did not regret it. ” It took about half a day and it was the most touching thing I have ever done “The family in question had recently lost their dog and was eager to take in another.” Giving this puppy to a family looking to fill the void of the loss of a loved one was one of the most special moments I have ever experienced. “, add.

When this same breeder asked her if she was willing to repeat the experiment, she answered in the affirmative without a moment’s hesitation. It has thus become his job, with steps to follow, such as registering with the U.S. Department of Agriculture and obtaining a commercial license.

One can imagine that it is a dream job, that Jennifer Kopczynski she doesn’t deny it, but says her day-to-day life as a flight attendant “can be difficult” at times. It evokes getting out of bed at 3 in the morning, the long paperwork at the airport, the thorough inspection of the transport box and many other tasks related to air travel with animals.


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This resident of Seattle, in the state of Washington (northwestern United States), however, recognizes that the benefits of such work far outweigh the difficulties. When you want free and you can also spend a lot of time with dogs, you are certainly not the worst.

Dogs are usually stressed until take-off time “, precise Jennifer Kopczynskithat they take the time to earn their trust and assure them that the flight will go as well for them as possible.


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Arrival at destination, a moment both awaited and feared

Working with several breeders today, she has made some thirty trips as a flight attendant since she began in this profession. Take advantage of each of these missions to post a short video Tik Tokwhere it has accumulated millions of views.

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Jennifer Kopczynski she is confident that the arrival is both a rewarding and sad time for her. She is obviously happy to see the puppies reunite with their new families, but she always has a heart attack when they leave. However, he keeps in touch with many of these manipulators through social media, allowing him to watch dogs grow and flourish.

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