The 10 favorite animals of the French

Does the animal you’re a little in love with live under your roof? At the bottom of the savannah ? In the ocean depths? Among the favorites of the French population are, not surprisingly, the species servers and above all, many representatives of the fauna wild. The 10 favorite animals of the French.

1- The dog

Dog owners know what a golden companion the dog is. Loyal, delivered, funny, cuddly … the dog is sometimes a happy man, sometimes a ball of tenderness. He does not judge people’s physique or character, he loves his master unconditionally. Their presence is comforting and creates social bonds. As a reminder, the domestication of the animal goes back further 35000 years, in Paleolithic times, in a region that is now Siberia. The hunter-gatherers and the wolf (ancestor of the dog) shared several points common sociability, habitat and persecution. The first uses of the canine were then to make it look for and catch game and, at times, to keep it camp. Thus began the story between the dog and the man.

2 – The cat

With 15 million cats in its territory, the France is the country with the largest feline population Europe. You should know that the domestication of the cat coincides with the arrival of the catagriculture, more than 9000 years ago. At that time, the abundant harvests attracted a large number rates and other rodents. Chasing the pests attacking the crops, the feline quickly became a friend of man. His precious help earned him a place in the attic of the villagers and then in his own houses. Ancient Egyptian civilization worshiped cats, regardless of social class. farmers as the most powerful. Today, man provides shelter and food for the feline he seduces with his independence and its calming effect.

3 – The horse

The horse is one of the most beloved animals by the French, but also the most represented in art. The paintings cave it reflects the fascination that the horse has always exerted on man, even before his domestication about 5000 years ago. Due to its physique and temperament, the imposing mammal has been around for millennia symbolic strong in many civilizations: power, wealth, freedom, virility, sexuality, speed, spirituality, beauty … Widely used by warthe horse also made his contribution to theAgriculture where he supplanted the ox and in certain factories for the traction of loads heavy or the transport of barges. If the herbivore has also often served as a means of transportation, its role utility now it’s over. The horse is now synonymous with sport and leisure.

4 – The dolphin

The marine mammal owes it to him popularity (French and world) to its multitude of qualities. In addition to her beautiful face marked for smile immutable, the dolphin shows traits of character close to those of humans, such as curiosity and sociability. These social animals always move in schools and like to play with each other, regardless of age. Known for his benevolence and delicacy, the dolphin also has one intelligence highly developed, due to aa brain similar to that of Homo sapiens. As with many primatesthe organ of the cetacean is proportional Wholesale in relation to the basic bodily functions it requires. Equipped with important capabilities cognitivethe dolphin is very attracted to the human voice with which it can weave very close ties.

5 – The squirrel

Naughty air, red fur and a beautiful tail duster make this rodent friendly in the eyes of everyone, including the French. Always the rodent is the object of benevolence, like those ladies who, in the Ancient Rome, owned domesticated squirrels as pets. In his Natural History of Quadrupeds, the Count of buffoon evokes the squirrel as “a beautiful animal that is only half wild and that, for its kindness, for its docility, for the very innocence of its morals, deserves to be saved …” Often represented with a hazelnut on the legs, the mammal also appreciates the tender branches, the shoots, the barks young shoots, berries and berries. His habit of hiding food on the ground plays a role beneficial because, forgetting the location of its hiding places, the squirrel contributes to the renewal of the forest.

6 – The Rabbit

The European wild rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) is the only species that has been domesticated because, it is said, it would be more sociable than its congeners. From south from France and the Iberian Peninsula, the lagomorph was first bred in large outdoor enclosures for its carn and their fur. In the 1950s, the onset of myxomatosis, a deadly viral disease, changed dramatically. habits public consumption. Thanks to its good character, its soft fur and its fun boils, the rabbit has become very popular as an animal. domestic. Today, some 60 breeds are officially recognized out of a total of 150. The French Rabbit Breeding Federation classifies them as 5 categories : small, medium and large breeds, as well as dwarf and furry breeds. The largest species of rabbit (giant Flanders) can weigh up to 5 kilos while a dwarf rabbit such as the Polish weighs just 1 pound.

7 – The deer

Smaller than male and lacking to drinkthe female deer has occupied a special place in the hearts of the public since the caricature of waltz disney released in 1942. Remember Well wellthe adorable fawn whose mother had died under the blows of firearm hunters. The sad fate of the deer had moved viewers around the world and there is no doubt that this fiction has aroused a special tenderness for the deer. You should know that to defend her offspring, this mother protective feel free to charge against an intruder or create fun to take him away from his offspring. The grace and elegance of the animal are reflected in the sweet nicknames exchanged between lovers: “my doe”, “my doe” or even “my doe”.

8 – The tiger

The tiger has very muscular front shoulders, jaws and strong teeth, is up to 3 m long and weighs up to 260 kg. Its impressive strength and size make it the largest and most powerful of all felines. This fearsome carnivore is easily recognizable by its magnificent orange fur with black stripes. Please note that each copy has unique stripes that can be compared to our fingerprints. Although it lives far away from us, in the forests and meadows of South and East Asia, the tiger fascinates the French to the point of being one of its favorite animals.

9 – The panda

His two-tone coat (black and white) and his legendary phlegm inevitably arouse sympathy. The giant panda lives exclusively in the center of the Chinain mountainous regions and forests located between 1,800 and 3,400 m altitude where its thickness skin it protects you from the cold. With its 42 powerful teeth, the herbivore crushes easily bamboo, his sympathetic sin. The panda was chosen as emblem national for China where it symbolizes the peace and confidence. Things to know: The giant panda has three occupations in life: sleeping, eating, and being alone! Reproduction is not one of their priorities. Whether in captivity or in the wild, mating is a matter of challenge for that animal that usually doesn’t feel like it or doesn’t know how to do it …

10 – The lion

Many civilizations have consecrated the lion, the embodiment of strength, nobility, and beauty. He veneration of ancient Egypt for the wild animal is also reflected in the Sphinx, a famous creature with the body of a lion and a human head. The second largest feline in the world after the tigerthe mammal is distinguished by its coat of sand or dark ocher color and, above all, by its thick and extravagant mane. A bit lazy and despite a cut-out physique for hunting, the lion remains idle most of the day. Most of the time, he lets the lioness return to the prey, but first he helps himself. It is well known that the king of beasts takes away the lion’s share!

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