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Ready to discover the best Amazon Prime feature films? Get ready for historical drama, be it a realistic or feminist dark fairy tale, but also for a future war to prevent or a female power comedy.

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Please note that this ranking is based on ratings by AlloCiné Internet users. Only films with at least 500 votes were considered in this top.

1- The Ball des Folles

Adapted from the book of the same name by Victoria Mas, Le Bal des Folles tells the story of Eugénie, a bright young woman from the end of the 19th century who has the gift of hearing and seeing the dead. But when her secret is discovered, her family takes her to La Salpêtrière, the famous psychiatric clinic run by Professor Charcot. There they will meet Nurse Geneviève, a meeting that will change their lives forever as they prepare to attend the annual “Bal des Folles” organized by Professor Charcot.

A controlled punch film, Le Bal des Folles is thus feminist, powerful and poignant, highlighting the oppression of women in the misogynistic society of the 19th century. But the film draws above all the portrait of two women played by exceptional actresses: Mélanie Laurent on the one hand who is also the director and Lou de Laâge who, graceful and intense, only shines.


As the marriage of Princess Diana and Prince Charles falters and rumors of romance and divorce stir, a truce is called for the Christmas festivities with the royal family at Sandringham Estate. Diana knows the game but this year things are different: she wants to end her marriage, she is determined.

An exciting biographical drama, Spencer is a creepy, awkward dive into the life of Lady Di, anxious and misunderstood, dreaming of an impossible future. The Princess of Wales, in fact, is living a real nightmare that Pablo Larraín’s statement and Kristen Stewart’s performance make us feel very strongly. Transformed, the latter is heartbreaking and sublime and makes it one of her most beautiful performances without a doubt. The theme is tragic, the staging is beautiful, everything is a disastrous fairy tale not to be missed.

3- The war of tomorrow

A group of soldiers arrives from the future to warn Humanity: in 30 years, our civilization will be threatened by a world war caused by aliens who have come to invade us. They are losing and looking for soldiers to send them to 2051 to help them. Dan Forester is one of the recruits: father and teacher, he will unite with his father and a brilliant scientist and fight for his daughter’s future.

Directed by Chris McKay and directed by Chris Pratt, Yvonne Strahovski and JK Simmons, The Tomorrow War is a fighting story whose originality lies in the construction of its plot: we go from one temporality to another, a go and come to book your surprise distribution. A well-crafted science fiction with vital themes that keeps you going and dazzles you in terms of special effects, what more could you ask for?

4- Borate 2

It is no longer necessary to present Borat, this lush Kazakh journalist, stupid and a fan of the United States, who humiliated his country and was imprisoned for life in a gulag. In this sequel to Jason Woliner for Amazon Prime, we find Sacha Baron Cohen in the skin of his craziest character for a second crazier adventure. In fact, 14 years later, Borat is released and embarks on a new quest: to marry his daughter to a powerful American politician.

The parody of fake documentaries is a new collection of sketches, each as crazy and hilarious as the next. Always inappropriate and cheeky, Borat 2 is in tune with Coronavirus and is as embarrassing as it is hilarious as it is politically compromised and wrong. Watch out for his amazing but real situations and his many cameos, trapped or accomplices, including one such Tom Hanks please!

5- Then – Chapter 2

In this second chapter, Tessa and Hardin try to rebuild their complicated relationship after their separation. But new obstacles stand in his way as the secrets of the young man’s past resurface and the handsome Trevor (Dylan Sprouse) enters Tessa’s life.

Moving from Wattpad fanfiction status to a true Anna Todd-signed literary phenomenon, the saga for young adults with Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes Tiffin continues to thrill its audience. Darker than the first play, After – Chapter 2 here interferes with the past of its characters and the sufferings associated with them. Always torrid, erotic drama benefits here from the more sensual and raw staging of Roger Kumble (Sex Intentions), as the book he is adapting, and testifies to the alchemy between his two headliners that fascinates in addition of a.

6- A prince in New York 2

Let’s take the same and start again … for the pleasure of the fans! Akeem, the new king of Zamunda, and his faithful confidant Semmi once again leave their great native African nation to return to New York. In fact, while he has no male heir, Akeem learns that he has a son in the United States and goes in search of that possible heir.

Directed by Craig Brewer, A Prince in New York 2 follows the first play by John Landis, 33 years later, and the fun clash of cultures continues there. Funny and inflated, the comedy is rhythmic and multiplies the scripts in the original play. You’ll love finding Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall in their cult roles through this sequel with a good contagious humor and full of nostalgia.


Jolt is the story of Lindy, a young woman who, suffering from a rare neurological disorder, is plagued by impulses of rage and murder that she can only control with an electrode device. Looking for his place in the world, she falls in love with a man before finding him murdered. It is with a broken heart that she sets out to avenge him when she herself is wanted for his murder.

Signed by Tanya Wexler, shaken is a tense, high-energy action comedy that takes advantage of its original plot, its frantic pace that keeps you in suspense, and its star actress: a coarse, over-excited Kate Beckinsale. Combat and humor come together in this explosive thriller, no doubt powerful and quirky.

The best original movies to watch on Amazon Prime Video

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