A morning in the company of sled dogs in the forest of Orcines (Puy-de-Dôme)

It’s a few degrees above zero, this Sunday morning, in the heights of Orcines, in the Puy-de-Dôme. The ideal temperature for Saïko, Olam and their congeners to go for a walk. At 8 o’clock, the twenty huskies wait for a single word from their owners to dive into the woods at full speed.

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Growing up, their barks pierce the silence of the forest, while they are stuck on a bicycle or scooter. “You’ll see. As soon as they can leave, we won’t hear them anymore, they’ll be so focused,” says Valerie.

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And indeed, one after the other, the members of the CPTCV (Club de la pulka et du sledding des Volcans, based in the Allier) marched, to the rhythm of the huskies.

In the morning program, a few miles, necessary for the animals to strive. And that the mushers meet again, after a season rich in rewards. Because in different categories, on the ground or in the snow, the podiums of champions of France, of Europe, the medals, the trophies have accumulated for Jéromine, Laurent, Michel, Jérôme and Pierre Chappe, the president of the club, that only a dozen. titles …

“I started this practice in 1986, specifically. I saw a report on sled dogs. He clicked. Then we grabbed a first animal. And since the husky was a pack dog, we had a 2nd, then a 3rd … Today there are 11 of them! »

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Beside her, Liliane, the former president, who was runner-up in Europe with eight dogs in the snow, also remembers her beginnings. “I had up to 16 dogs at a time.”

That means training almost every day, not counting the weekends. “We adapt to them, to their needs. It is a life dedicated to dogs. Instead of going to the restaurant with friends, let’s train! “And the whole family is involved in this passion. They often become” handlers “.” They help us in every task, to take advantage … “

This is the case of Jérôme’s family, who joined the club last year, after Olam, a strange-eyed husky, entered their lives in 2018. This Sunday morning they are all there. Because Jérôme has found a new passion … communicative.

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With the aim of participating in the Lekkarod, an international snow mushing race that takes place in the Alps. “Today, 11-month-old Saiko has joined Olam. I would like to do this race with them. “

Dogs and owners are inseparable. Some have even gone to the Nordic countries to slide through the vast snowy spaces … “Magic! »

Text: Mariona Chavot
Photos: Francis Campagnoni
Video: Martial Delecluse

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