this strange internet search that questions researchers

Delphine Jubillar has been missing since December 16, 2020. Six months later, her husband, Cédric Jubillar, is charged with marital homicide. In pretrial detention since then, she denies the charges against him. His lawyers have tried to get him released without success on several occasions. As for the investigators, they try to get Delphine Jubillar’s husband to confess. May she be relieved of her conscience and thus allow the loved ones of the missing nurse to find some peace of mind. But Objection recalls that Cédric Jubillar continues to be presumed innocent until proven guilty. So the investigation continues. Despite the passage of time, it continues to fascinate the French who hope that this research will soon find a solution.

The Delphine Jubillar case stagnates: the victim’s phone intrigues investigators

In December 2022, it will be two years since the investigation into the disappearance of Delphine Jubillar began. However, just six months after the investigation began, the victim’s husband is under control. Could it be believed that enough evidence overwhelmed Cédric Jubillar? Or that law enforcement lacked elements and lined up behind statistics and their intuitions? For the relatives of the missing nurse, her husband is really the ideal culprit. But without evidence, it is difficult to advance research in this direction. So the efforts continue. Because, it is Cédric Jubillar’s lawyers who claim that the evidence is insufficient to keep Delphine Jubillar’s husband behind bars.

With each new element, with each new turn, the whole of France holds its breath. But for almost a year and a half since this case, none of the outbreaks of the investigation have been able to find a culprit or a person responsible for the disappearance of Delphine Jubillar. Her relatives, her family, her children are waiting for answers. I Objection do not doubt that the police are losing sleep trying to unravel the mystery of this terrible affair. In fact, as of this writing, investigators have no traces of blood, a homicide weapon, or even a crime scene to interpret and analyze. They only have the worried witnesses of the victim’s relatives and their experiences to break this record.

A new clue to understand what happened to the victim?

Once again, although the case is stalled, the slightest novelty challenges the French. Some anonymous people have even created groups of amateur researchers on social media. They do not expect to do better than the police, but to support the investigators and offer a new look at the known elements of the investigation. Delphine Jubillar really deserves a break, no one will question her. So, as our magazine colleagues point out Audienceit’s on the victim’s cell phone where investigators would currently focus their efforts.

However, the police do not stop looking for Delphine Jubillar’s body or items that could constitute tangible evidence of her murder. But because of this, your cell phone may not have delivered all the tracks it contains. Objection grant yourself, at this stage of the case, all available items may be as clues. This is also what makes the work of researchers even more tedious. In fact, they can no longer just retrieve a relevant item and try to get it to speak to put the pieces of the puzzle together. All the elements seem relevant because they do not understand which puzzle they are assembling …

That said, Delphine Jubillar’s phone is in the hands of investigators. And Cédric Jubillar said he did not know that he was not with her on the eve of her disappearance. Since he tried to call her many times before informing the police of his wife’s unexplained absence. And our colleagues are formal, the latest uses of Delphine Jubillar’s phone indicate that the “search” feature is the latest to be used. And that was used from the locked screen of the nurse’s laptop. In short, perhaps the person responsible for his disappearance had his mobile phone in his hand for the last time? And other more technical research, by researchers, could offer specific clues after the research …

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