Opening of a bookstore specializing in comics in Langon: the boss tells us everything

Thomas Bardet, a resident of Arbanats (Gironde), has been immersed in the world of comics since he was a child and will open a bookstore specializing in comics in Langon (Gironde). (© Republican South Gironde)

Neighbor of Arbanats (Gironde), Thomas Bardet, 38, is comic addict since childhood. So much so that his passion soon pushed him to open a specialist shop, on rue Maubec, in Langon (Gironde).

“My father had the whole series of Gaston Lagaffe and very quickly, I fell into the pot Asterix, he trusts. I belong to the Dorothée generationso obviously my first manga was Dragon Ball and since then, I haven’t stopped reading it. Like comics. »

“I took the opportunity to realize my desire to open a comic book store”

So opening a bookstore in Langon is a dream come true: ‘As a salesperson, I thought,’ I’d sell something I really like too! ‘ “This South-Girondin worked for ten years at Cdiscount in Bordeaux, then three years at Bouygues Telecom before going up in 2020, with two partners, his telephone company in Bordeaux.

“The company opened ten days before the first confinement … In short, it was a nuisance, the following year we stopped. So I took the opportunity to make my wish to open a comic book store come true, an idea that had been on my mind for a long time! he says.

80 m² with books, figurines, models …

He plans a sales area of ​​80m², at 17 rue Maubecwhere you will find it, available for children, teenagers and adults:

  • The Franco-Belgian comic with its great classics (Tintin, Asterix, etc.),
  • the essential manga and other more confidential series,
  • heroic fantasy science fiction,
  • comics about history for another way to learn and discover,
  • works based on literary bestsellers,
  • comics on the subject of wine and castles or on current issues in the post-apocalyptic version,
  • Western,
  • books by New Aquitaine authors,
  • comics with their superheroes …
The place where it will be installed will be located at 17 rue Maubec de Langon (Gironde).
The place where it will be installed will be located at 17 rue Maubec de Langon (Gironde). (© Republican South Gironde)


This new business will be open Tuesday through Saturday, and initially at lunchtime. Thomas also plans sell figurines, models and other by-products… (Posters, rare copies, etc.) and offer click and collect as well as animations or workshops around the comic “as introductions to drawing comics”, specifically.

A concept tattooed on his arm

The advantage of comics and manga is that “it is accessible to everyone and adapts to all themes of today’s society, all genres and all ages.” To expand your knowledge, Thomas recently trained as a local bookseller and to ensure the success of his project, he conducted an in-depth pre-market study with a professional accountant, which allowed him the support of the bank.

Videos: currently on Actu

Its bookstore, which is scheduled to open this summer, will be called RAIJIN BDa look at the Japanese deity of the same name

I am hungry for Japanese culture and I have a tattoo on my arm that represents this deity

Tomàs BardetBookseller

There is already a Facebook page and an Instagram account. For its website, the merchant has chosen to join Canal BD, a network of independent bookstores.

This father of two, aged 7 and 11, is happy with his new life project:

“Langon is a city in motion and I will come to work by train from Arbanats. Through this bookstore, I hope to exchange with other comic book lovers like myself. I’m not stingy with discussions about the books I’ve read and even the ones I haven’t read yet. In this universe, there is always something to discover! “.


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