During the holidays, “learning camp” at the Voilco Aster center in Saint-Priest-de-Gimel (Corrèze)

At the Voilco-Aster holiday center in Saint-Priest-de-Gimel, it is full of children, all more curious than others during this spring break. 6-10 year olds from Chambon to Tulle and MLAP to Égletons for a 4 day summer camp. The weather is not great, but whatever. If some children are doing a nature workshop outside, others are inside, divided into groups, for other activities. Some make pancakes with their entertainers fighting the lumps with big whips.
Comfortably seated on a sofa, slippers on their feet, Tanya and Maya are reading.

Maya chose a book by Jamy that explains why cats don’t like water. His girlfriend Tanya preferred a manga; his friend, a book by Tyrex, a little dinosaur.

A selection of new games and escape games to discover during the spring break in Corrèze

Call for projects

The stay, which ended on Friday for these 23 children, is a “learning camp”, a formula launched with Covid at the national level and which aims to respond to the “remobilization of knowledge” after periods of containment.The book is the center of the stay of children from 6 to 10 years.

“We responded to a call for projects with the Education League, the Charter of Young Authors and Illustrators, and the National Book Center to host a residency author,” says director Damien Lecerf.

A “super interesting” experience.

For example, Voilco-Aster hosts for 15 days Christophe Alline, an “image maker” who works with children in stop motion, a small cartoon built from the images of his creations. The author of Angers also takes advantage of his residence in Corrèze to advance in his personal project of illustrating a text about a beast with the provisional title Small beasts do not eat big ones. For him, this first one is a “super interesting” experience. Especially because the youth illustrator is fully involved in the life of the camp.

On Friday morning, the Tulle Chantepages youth bookstore was present with a children’s book stand. “Thanks to the call for projects, the association received a sum of 10 euros per child, which allowed to buy a book for each one,” continues the director. A girl was delighted, she had always dreamed of having one.Nature workshop with a facilitator who learns about the decomposition of wood.

No screen

The book is therefore very much present during this free learning camp for parents. We read in the evening before going to bed, in the dessert a story is told but we also work on creativity and imagination.

Not to mention the great hide-and-seek games, the discovery of the aquatic environment by the lake, land art, cooking and even music workshops thanks to the author Christophe who is also a musician …

Rediscovered social interaction

“We are committed to the book and it works,” said Lucette Vigne, president of the Education League. Kids have dropped their screens and don’t cry when you don’t have your Switch in the evening. Lucette Vigne is really excited about this reunion between Tulle and Égletons’ children. “With Covid, we were not allowed to mix them up. There, it’s great, no more masks, they can play cards, swap games, kiss, meet an artist! “.

She is delighted with this rediscovered social interaction for these young people, some of whom have never slept away from home. Maya and Tanya agree. The two girls did not know each other before camp.

It’s great, we do various activities, we meet people, we are diverse to sleep in the rooms.

Friday night ended the camp for these kids, but Sunday back for a 6 day stay. Twenty children from all over Corrèze will follow the adventures of Christophe Alline, led by Damien’s animation team, also very motivated after being deprived of long stays and internships.

Next week Voilco Aster will also host a Bafa training course.

Laetitia Soulier

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