DNDi and BenevolentAI work together to accelerate search for life-saving drugs against dengue

– The collaboration will use AI to identify biological targets and potential therapies that could be redirected to dengue to prevent disease progression.

– Dengue is a neglected climate-sensitive disease and one of the world’s top ten threats to public health, with an estimated 390 million infections each year. There is no effective treatment

– BenevolentAI has a proven track record of using its AI platform to accelerate research on human lives, having identified an innovative treatment for COVID-19 in early 2020

LONDON, April 21, 2022 / PRNewswire / – BenevolentAI, a leading company in the discovery of drugs based on artificial intelligence (AI) in the clinical phase and medicines for neglected diseases initiative (DNDjo), a non-profit research and development (R&D) organization focusing on neglected diseases, today announced the launch of a joint research project to tackle dengue, one of the most common infections. Of the world.

As BenevolentAI’s R&D efforts focus on using Benevolent Platform ™, its powerful artificial intelligence drug discovery platform, to discover and develop new therapeutic candidates during the COVID-19 pandemic, the company developed tailor-made drug reuse workflows that allowed its researchers to identify an existing treatment. which could be reused to treat COVID-19. BenevolentAI’s research has led to global clinical trials, which led to the drug being approved by the FDA for emergency use.

Benevolent’s enhanced AI approach will be deployed in a non-commercial collaboration with DNDjoto provide a list of potential biological targets (proteins that can be attacked by a potential drug) and drug reuse candidates that may be effective in preventing progression to severe dengue.

The project will combine Benevolent Platform ™ with DND experiencejo and its global network of dengue partners to empower researchers to discover information they could not have found using only human reasoning. Using a database created from diverse and independent data sources, such as scientific literature, patents, genetics, chemistry, clinical trial data, and more, BenevolentAI and DND scientistsjo will use AI tools to interrogate the underlying mechanisms involved in dengue, better formulate hypotheses, and quickly identify targets or therapies that could be reused to prevent progression to severe dengue.

Candidates for the most promising drugs identified through the joint research project will then be tested in clinical trials in collaboration with partner countries where dengue is endemic.

“There is no effective treatment for dengue and millions of patients around the world urgently need safe, effective, affordable and affordable treatment options. Being able to apply cutting-edge AI technology through this partnership with BenevolentAI to help patients Abandoned opens up an exciting new opportunity to quickly identify candidates for promising drugs and then test them in clinical trials, ”said Drs. Charles Mowbraydirector of DND discoveriesjo. “

While BenevolentAI’s internal R&D efforts focus on the discovery and development of new therapeutic candidates, outside of this core mission, BenevolentAI is committed to using its platform and scientific expertise to find reusable drugs. quickly to address urgent unmet medical needs, such as dengue.

“With dengue spreading at a rapid pace and climate change will further increase the impact and spread of the disease, it is even more important to accelerate the search for new treatment options,” he said. Anne Phelan, scientific director of BenevolentAI. “The global scientific response to the COVID-19 pandemic and BenevolentAI’s research on COVID-19 have provided a clear example of how AI can help us meet the urgent challenges of global health. The large integrated knowledge chart BenevolentAI, combined with our AI tools, allows us to build a complete representation of the biology of the disease and accelerate the discovery of new treatments.jo it is based on this approach, with the aim of meeting the urgent needs of patients and helping to alleviate the pressure on exaggerated healthcare systems. »

Dengue is one of the world’s top ten threats to public health. Despite an estimated 390 million infections a year in more than 100 countries, no specific treatment is available yet. The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that insect-borne pathogens, such as dengue, could be the source of the upcoming pandemic.

About BenevolentAI

BenevolentAI is a leading company in the discovery of clinical drugs in AI. With the combined capabilities of its AI platform, scientific expertise, and wet lab facilities, BenevolentAI is well positioned to offer new drug candidates with a higher probability of clinical success than those developed by traditional methods. . BenevolentAI has a constant history of scientifically validated discoveries. The BenevolentAI Platform ™ promotes a growing internal portfolio of more than 20 drug programs, ranging from goal discovery to clinical trials, and maintains successful business partnerships with leading pharmaceutical companies. BenevolentAI has also identified Eli Lilly’s baricitinib as a candidate drug for reuse of COVID-19, which has been authorized for emergency use by the FDA. BenevolentAI is headquartered in London, with a research center in Cambridge (UK) and another office in New York. For more information, visit theirs website.

About the DNDjo

Non-profit research and development organization, the DNDjo is working to develop new treatments for abandoned patients, those living with Chagas disease, sleeping sickness (African human trypanosomiasis), leishmaniasis, filariasis infections, mycetoma, pediatric HIV and hepatitis C. DNDjo also coordinates a clinical trial to find treatments for mild to moderate cases of COVID-19 in Africa. Since its inception in 2003, the DNDjo has delivered nine new treatments so far, including new combinations of drugs for kala-azar, two fixed-dose antimalarials and the first new chemical entity successfully developed by DNDjo, fexinidazole, approved in 2018 for the treatment of both stages of sleeping sickness. For more information, visit theirs website.

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