Audio Up directs Metaverse in collaboration with Gamer Smart Atlas. | Daily News Podcast

Audio Up joins the metaverse. The podcast studio has announced a unique partnership with the next-generation game metaverse Star Atlas. Later this year, Audio Up will release a scripted sci-fi adventure podcast that will take the metavers and the galactic market of Star Atlas to an audio storytelling format.

The eight-episode series, titled Moon Station Six, is set in an experimental prison on the edge of the Star Atlas universe and includes both the character and the story of the game as the basis for the series’ narrative. The series follows an android bounty hunter unjustly convicted of a murder he did not commit. Created by the creative director of Audio Up, Jimmy Jellinek, Moon Station Six will feature an original soundtrack, as well as NFT glasses that unlock special features of history, original music and art.

“Building within the Star Atlas metavers is truly a unique opportunity for the world of audio storytelling and Audio Up,” said CEO Jared Gutstadt. “Collectively, we’ve already created innovative music activations: their latest NFT offerings used our ability to write and produce the best talented music, and our next phase will be to add a layer of fiction and build the world. the world of storytelling and immersive audio is a challenge we are excited to take on. “

Star Atlas is a next-generation metavers that aims to make the most of blockchain technology and real-time graphics technology to create a gaming experience. As a great strategy game focused on space exploration, Star Atlas includes territorial conquest, political domination, a solid strategy game. Game economy with player-owned assets and the opportunity to get real financial rewards, and more. Since last year, the company has launched many unique NFT products, including playable ships, which have helped Star Atlas generate more than $ 175 million in revenue.

“We are excited to partner with the great narrators of Audio Up to enhance and give voice to the tradition of the Star Atlas universe,” said Michael Wagner, co-founder of Star Atlas. “We have an ambitious plan for our metavers and look forward to working closely with one of the best podcast production studios to begin telling our rich and engaging story through this medium.”

The list of available content will continue to grow in the coming months. Star Atlas has several major game releases planned for 2022, including an online minigame and a full production release known as Volant Studio Showroom.

AudioUp is the latest audio company to take advantage of Web3 opportunities. Earlier this month, iHeartMedia announced that it had acquired an NFT collection that would be used to create a new NFT-based podcast network under the Non-Fun Squad brand. And iHeart said last month that it had partnered with the gaming community and the Super League Gaming content platform to deliver advertising on games and virtual experiences. As part of the deal, iHeart’s U.S. sales force will make Super League Gaming’s advertising inventory and network of influencers available to brands that want to access the metavers.

The leap to cutting-edge technology for two-year-old Audio Up continues its previous moves to take the intellectual property it created for podcasts and use it for audiobooks and disc releases.

“After working with Jared and his team on this unique podcast experience over the past few months, I feel like we’ve discovered a future where web3 content creation is becoming a multimedia experience and an integral part of the industry,” said Star Atlas. co. -founder Pablo Quiroga. .

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