Young volunteers mobilize to help the SPA shelter in Amilly, near Chartres

In the middle of rapeseed fields, in Amilly, near Chartres, the SPA “Refuge des Acacias” welcomes about fifty cats and dogs, abandoned one day by their owner.

If twenty volunteers take care of them regularly, this Friday, April 22, they have seen a dozen new faces.

What is the principle of operation?

For the first time, the Youth Information Point, located in Sours, organized a day of mobilization to raise awareness of the SPA to young people and help the association, for an afternoon.

About twenty young people are mobilized by the SPA

Barbara Munduteguy, head of the Chartres Métropole Youth Information Point, develops:

“I personally am very attached to animals and I thought that young people could also be involved in volunteering and supporting the animal cause. »

Barbara Munduteguy (responsible for the Chartres Youth Information Point)

Barbara was right. After a message posted on social media detailing the project for this day, the young woman came across dozens of requests for participation.

“It’s great that teenagers are interested, I’m happy to see that young people want to get involved and contribute to their scale. »

Barbara Monduteguy (manager of the Chartres Métropole Youth Information Point)

How was your day?

This volunteer day began at the Leclerc Mall in Barjouville with a collection of dog and cat food.

About twenty young people are mobilized by the SPA

“I am just happy to be here. We received three carts full of cat food, trash, croquettes and sweets to give to the Acacias shelter. This operation is a success and a great test of solidarity “, says Barbara Monduteguy.

What did the young participants think?

This is the first time that 15-year-old Sébastien has come to the SPA. “I didn’t expect that to happen. It hurts me to see the dogs behind the fence of their cages.”

The Chartrain moves. “I have animals at home, so my heart trembles. The young man stops in front of all the cages. To get to know everyone.

Young people are very invested. They take part in the maintenance of the place, walk the dogs from the kennel through the meadows and visit the cats in the kennel. Surrounded by volunteers who advise them, they discover the organization of the shelter.

“It’s a great time for generosity, solidarity and sharing,” said Barbara Munduteguy and Sabine Métayer. The latter adds:

“The most important thing is to make young people aware of the animal cause. They are the future. Such initiatives allow us to tell the story of the dogs and cats present here. To tell them their stories. If we now tell tomorrow’s adults that an animal is not an object that we take for granted and set aside when we feel like it, things may get better in a few years. »

Sabine Metayer (president of the Acacias refuge)

Faced with the demand, the Youth Information Point will organize new days of action between young people and the SPA this summer, for its part the animal protection association is always “delighted to welcome new volunteers. »

Practice. SPA de Chartres i Eure et Loir, Refuge des Acacias, Mondonville, 28300 Amilly. Kennel: open every day from 2 pm to 5 pm. Livestock: open from Monday to Saturday from 2.30 pm to 5 pm. Phone:

The Chartres Métropole Youth Information Point (PIJ) opened its doors in Sours (rue Louis-Isambert) on March 1, 2022. Until now, the PIJ had two offices near Chartres, one in Saint-Georges-sur-Eure (Place de la République) and one in Maintenon (rue du Pont-Rouge). Young people, between 15 and 25 years old, can go to the PIJ for information and advice from professionals on the organization of studies, trades and training, employment and occupation, continuing education, daily life (housing, health, etc. .), leisure (sports, youth reception, etc.), holidays or how to go abroad … There are also workshops, exhibitions, meetings throughout the year. Hours: Tuesday from 2pm to 6.30pm and Thursday from 9am to 12pm and from 2pm to 4.30pm Email: [email protected]; Phone:

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