Would you like to take your dog to work? Here’s what’s allowed or forbidden

A dog in the office reduces stress and promotes productivity. (© LIGHTFIELD STUDIOS / AdobeStock)

Spending the day in the office with your dog is an idea that seems to be gaining ground. In France, 39% (according to the Central Canine Barometer 2022) would like dogs to be best received at your workplace. A figure that even rises to 53% for dog owners.

This trend, which is commonly seen in some countries, especially in the United Kingdom, is gradually consolidating in our country, driven by a change in mentality. “In Western countries, the image of the dog is gradually migrating from the utilitarian animal – used for hunting or keeping – to the pet “, Explains André Varlet, director of the Caní Center.

The dog is increasingly considered a member of the family, a companion that we want to have with us more often, on vacation but also at work.

André VarletDirector of the Canine Center

What does the law say?

However, currently only 7% of French employers authorize this practice. In some companies, dogs may be banned health or safety reasons. “It’s mostly reserved for office work,” continues André Varlet. “In addition, employees may not dare to ask, although this approach is no longer considered incongruous.”

Apart from certain special cases – healthcare establishments, public administrations and the food sector – the law does not forbid you to bring your dog in their workplace, with the exception, however, of 1st category attack dogs as their presence is prohibited “in premises open to the public and in public places”.

How to proceed?

Initially, the owner of the dog must make the request to his employer and raise the issue with the heads of the corporation. Of course, you should also consult your classmates and express your discomfort possible phobia.

If permission is granted, it is advisable to write to letter of good conduct, which will specify, for example, the places forbidden to dogs, the days of presence or the obligation of the owners to collect the excrement of their animal. In addition, the latter must be clean, sociable and up to date with their vaccines. A warranty it should also be taken into account to cover possible damage.

The company could plan facilities in their facilities : “At the Canine Center, our floor was not suitable and that’s why we replaced the carpet with a laminate floor, washable and disinfectable.”

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In case of refusal, no appeal is provided. As André Varlet points out, “bringing your dog to the office is not a right but a tolerance.”

How to take care of your dog?

The employee can bring toys so that his dog can take care of himself while waiting for the ride. Also bring a hard plastic basket or a carrying case so you can leave it alone if you have to move. And of course, don’t forget his strap and his bowl.

What are the benefits of having a dog?

“Create a nice weather and a better relationship between peers; those who can’t have a dog at home benefit! The presence of a dog also reduces stress and boosts productivity so owners no longer have to worry about returning home early to get their dog out.

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