There should be a REAL equality education in school (it’s the law!), But it’s far from that.

In France, the law provides for gender equality education in schools, both for students and staff. In practice, however, the means are seldom sufficient. In this forum, the Parents and Feminists Association denounces it.

This was headlined last month: “Girls think they’re successful because they’re hardworking, boys because they’re talented” according to an international study on gender stereotypes, published in the journal Science.

At the same time, awareness of gender stereotypes, planned in a Parisian school group under contract, was canceled at the last minute because it was considered to feed the “gender theory”. Organized by the parents’ association, it was run by an independent trainer, who was also a member of Parents et Féministes. A small group of parents, close to the “Manif pour tous” movement, reproach him for his membership and pressure the management to cancel the meeting.

However, the figures for the 1st sexism barometer in France are clear: 78% of French women have personally experienced an act of sexism or have been the recipient of sexist comments.

So, in the face of these findings, and a few days before the second round, it seems important to remember France’s commitments in this area.

The School must contribute, at all levels, to the promotion of diversity and equality between women and men, especially with regard to guidance, and the prevention of gender-based prejudice and violence against women. This is what is enshrined in law today.

To carry out this obligation, the texts also provide for the initial and continuing training of all staff, and the consideration of equality in the center of teaching and teaching practice.

If these goals fit perfectly with our own claims as a feminist association, in fact these commitments are far from being met.

On the one hand, training only benefits a minority of school professionals, as the Higher Equality Council pointed out in its 2017 report. However, teaching in an egalitarian way is not innate! Learn!

Recommendations of the Superior Council for Equality in its 2017 report

On the other hand, with regard to taking into account equality in the teaching centerit is clear that it depends essentially on specific initiatives of teachers, even parents of students, aware of the importance of the issues and concerned about so much immobility.

In reality, therefore, we are far from a global policy of equality as required by law.

And yet…

Today at dawn of a second round between a misogynist candidate and a candidate who promised a lot but did littleit is essential to allow children to question these perennial stereotypes, to understand them better in order to learn them better … So that they are not so many barriers to their realization and development, because finally, a girl and a boy. are treated and considered equal …

We have to open up the field of possibilities to children, to deconstruct the walls that surround them and the ones that surround them, because the weight of stereotypes is too heavy, too present. Our culture is steeped in sexism. Suppose so let’s be honest and move the lines.

Today more than ever, the school, as a great space for the socialization of children, must aim to create a culture of equality and mutual respect. We need to give it the concrete means to train absolutely all education professionals!

It is also crucial, while half of French women (49%) consider Marine Le Pen a few days before the second round as a “feminist” to remember that Feminism is not a façade that we drape ourselves only during the campaign.

Feminism is an everyday job deconstruct sexist stereotypes, for real equality, from kindergarten to retirement pensions. Feminism is a work of analysis of the relations of domination, for a better world for all. Needless to say, a party that inherited Nazism is far, far away from feminist thought.

And if, last night, Emmanuel Macron had a word for feminicide, he will have to go much further to overcome it. The fight against gender-based violence begins in childhood. We are here to remind you.

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