the schedule of teams to fight for Europe and maintenance

The 33rd day of Ligue 1, played on Wednesday 20 April, made it possible to see the races for Europe and maintenance a little more clearly. Victorious, Lens and Strasbourg are once again within reach of European folding seats, as Lille and Lyon have moved away. On the ground floor, Reims has almost ensured its maintenance. With five days to go, each team’s schedule says a lot about the chances of achieving the goals. Overview.

The race for Europe

With a six-point lead, Olympique de Marseille (2nd, 62 points) are firmly in second place, qualifying directly for the group stage of the Champions League. But beware, because OM still has to face Rennes (May 14) and Strasbourg (May 21), two direct competitors, but also Lyon (May 1). If the road leading to the C1 seems clear to Marseille, it will not be free of reefs.

Behind, Rennes (3rd) and Strasbourg (4th) have the same number of units as Monaco, 5th with 56 points. The Stade Rennais, in poor shape, still has the advantage of receiving three strokes in the last five games, when Racing will only play twice at La Meinau. But Alsatians will have the advantage of facing free-wheel opponents.

With a five-game winning streak, the Monegasques arguably have the most affordable schedule, despite two hot trips to Geoffroy-Guichard and Bollaert. 7th with 53 points, Lens returns, precisely, to this race. But Sang et Or travel to the Park on Saturday, in a match that should crown PSG. 5th place, qualifying for the Europa League Conference, could be achieved.

One step behind, Nice (6th with 54 pts) marks the time. The Aiglons will face mainly the teams at the bottom of the table, but their poor form in front of these less experienced rivals does not allow them any space. Le Gym could also confirm their Europa League qualification by winning the French Cup final against Nantes on 7 May.

Finally, Lyon (8th with 49 points) and Lille (9th, 48 points) start from a long (too much?) Distance. If OL’s schedule seems clear, despite a match against OM, Lille’s is much less so.

The Marseille calendar: in Reims (13th), against Lyon (8th), in Lorient (15th), in Rennes (3rd), against Strasbourg (4th).

The Rennes calendar: against Lorient (15th), against Saint-Etienne (18th), in Nantes (10th), against Marseille (2nd), in Lille (9th).

The Strasbourg calendar: in Lille (9th), against Paris (1st), in Brest (12th), against Clermont (17th), in Marseille (2nd).

The Monaco Calendar: in Saint-Etienne (18th), against Angers (14th), in Lille (9th), against Brest (12th), in Lens (7th).

Nice calendar: against Troyes (16th), in Bordeaux (19th), against Saint-Etienne (18th), against Lille (9th), in Reims (13th).

Lens opening hours: in Paris (1st), against Nantes (10), in Reims (12), in Troyes (16), against Monaco (5).

The race to keep

Angers (14th) and Lorient (15th), both with 34 points, have a small advantage at the beginning of the last 5 days. Both will have to win their matches against direct competitors to ensure their maintenance. Troyes (16th with 33 points) has less margin. Above all, ESTAC will mainly face top-tier teams. The trip to Lorient on the last day could be expensive. Clermont (17th with 32 points) will receive three times, facing a few teams that will have nothing to play for.

Saint-Etienne (18th with 31 points) is much less varnished: the Greens will play the next three games, including two away, against heavyweights. On the edge of the precipice, Bordeaux (19th with 27 points) is still better: apart from Nice, there is no big team in the program, even if the Girondins are no longer masters of their destiny.

Finally, Metz (20th with 24 points) receives three times, but the gift could be poisoned, as the Messins have only won once in Saint-Symphorien. The Grenadiers already have a foot and a half in League 2 and will finish the season in the Parc dels Princes.

The Angers calendar: in Clermont (17th), in Monaco (5th), against Bordeaux (19th), in Metz (20th), against Montpellier (11th).

The Lorient calendar: in Rennes (3rd), against Reims (13), against Marseille (2), in Bordeaux (19), against Troyes (16).

The Troyes calendar: in Nice (6th), against Lille (9th), in Paris (1st), against Lens (7th), in Lorient (15th).

The Clermont Calendar: against Angers (14th), in Brest (12th), against Montpellier (11th), in Strasbourg (4th), against Lyon (8th).

The Saint-Etienne calendar: against Monaco (5th), in Rennes (4th), in Nice (6th), against Reims (13th), in Nantes (10th).

The Bordeaux calendar: in Nantes (10th), against Nice (6th), in Angers (14th), against Lorient (15th), in Brest (12th).

The Metz calendar: against Brest (12th), in Montpellier (11th), against Lyon (8th), against Angers (14th), in Paris (1st).

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