The best MagSafe car racks for your iPhone in 2022

Apple’s MagSafe technology, thanks to its magnets, eliminates the need to pinch your iPhone to the back of a car. MagSafe-enabled car mounts allow you to simply place your smartphone on the stand. In this guide to buying the best MagSafe car mounts in 2022, find out what to look for when shopping and our recommendations for the best models.

Comparing the Best MagSafe Car Holders for Your iPhone

The best MagSafe car mounts
Product Syncwire charger Wofalo car door Belkin MagSafe support ESR HaloLock Holder Ugreen Hinyx sucker Product
Main advantage The best all-terrain with load function Discreet solution for ventilation slots Belkin quality Charging function and charger supplied Discrete solution MagSafe holder with suction cup Main advantage
Drawing Wofalo MagSafe Car Holder Belkin MagSafe Car Holder ESR MagSafe Car-Mount Ugreen MagSafe car holder Hinyx MagSafe Car Holder Drawing
Compatible with MagSafe Compatible with MagSafe
Location Location
Load function Load function
loading port loading port
Cable connection Cable connection
Charger supplied Charger supplied
Maximum weight Maximum weight
Number of magnets Number of magnets
Magnetic board for smartphones without MagSafe Magnetic board for smartphones without MagSafe
Price Price

To buy

To buy

To buy

To buy

To buy

To buy



MagSafe: What is it and which smartphones are supported?

Let’s start with a brief explanation of what MagSafe technology is. You may have found it when searching for a new car holder or in your iPhone’s feature list, but you weren’t sure what it was. MagSafe is a patented charging connector that you can use on some iPhone models. The trick is that it works wirelessly and using magnets.

In addition to the charging rollers that magically attach to the back of your iPhone, Apple and third-party vendors have created many applications for MagSafe, including smartphone mounts that, thanks to reliable magnets, are much more comfortable than solutions with clips or magnetic shells. In the table above you will find models with or without a load function.

MagSafe technology supports the following models:

The new iPhone SE 2022 is not compatible with MagSafe, as are the models released before the iPhone 12. On the net you will find cases with built-in magnets that will allow you to add MagSafe to other models. The quality of the attachment to the car holder, however, depends on the quality of the box.

If you’re using an Android smartphone and you’re interested in car magnetic stands, you can find smartphone holder kits with covers on the web.

Buying Guide: What to Consider When Buying a MagSafe Car Holder

Magnets and strength

If you are looking for the right MagSafe car holder, you need to pay attention to the number of magnets used. As YouTuber JerryRigEverything discovered in its disassembly, Apple uses 18 small magnets on the back of the iPhone 12 Pro. To be able to estimate the strength of your MagSafe media in advance, you need to make sure that it also includes several magnets.

However, this is only a rough guide, as the number of magnets does not indicate the quality of each. If you have one, check the total weight that the stand can support. If you’d like us to try out MagSafe Car Holders, let us know in the comments!

Media placement

Where should you put your smartphone while traveling? If you prefer to place it in your line of sight, you should opt for a suction cup holder. You can place it directly on the windshield, where it will stick securely thanks to the adhesive surface and the powerful suction cup of most models.

Handyhalterung with Sygic-App

Where do you put your smartphone in the car? / © NextPit

Alternatively, many manufacturers rely on placement in the ventilation slots. To do this, the brackets offer small clamps that you insert between the slots. A simple solution, but not always right. In fact, ventilation slots are often not designed to support the weight of a smartphone. In this case, the smartphone tends to tilt down, which is not practical.

Therefore, before buying your stand, I advise you to sit in the car and check that the ventilation slots are easy to move with your finger. If you feel almost no resistance, you should choose a variant with an additional mounting foot or a suction cup.

Load function

As with their MacBooks, Apple designed the MagSafe standard as a charging port. Naturally, smartphone makers are taking advantage of this and integrating wireless charging pads into their mounts. In the table at the beginning of this article we have indicated whether the recommended media offer the upload function or not.

Handyadapter per Zigarettenanzünder

Unfortunately, few models come with a cigarette lighter charger. / © NextPit

Most MagSafe media do not include a cigarette lighter charger. Therefore, you will need another accessory or you will need to check if your car has a USB port to charge.

Alternatives to MagSafe Car Holders

Did you find out during this article that your iPhone does not support MagSafe? Or do you find it impractical to use magnets in your car? In this case, click on the link below to go directly to all the solutions that will allow you to place your smartphone securely in your car.

What do you think of car holder for smartphones? Is it a security risk or a practical solution? Tell us in the comments!

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