the 8 winning authors 2021-2022

Organized every year by the Region, the Literary Prize for high school students, apprentices and apprentices with vocational training aims to:

  • Discover the vitality and diversity of contemporary literature to young people living in Ille-de-France,
  • To arouse their curiosity about the book and their professions,
  • Develop your critical thinking
  • (Who knows?) Reveal writing vocations.

Reading, a pleasure shared between high school students and authors, in bookstores and libraries

The 11th edition distinguished 8 new works and their authors (1 in each of the 8 departments of Île-de-France)among the 40 books that young jurors had to read (5 in each of the 8 departments of the Île-de-France).

Throughout the year, 40 classes, or 1,200 high school students, read the books in the race (purchased by the Region from partner bookstores) and met their authors at independent bookstores and associated libraries.

Books are of all genres, from novels to comics to poetry.

The winners were announced this Friday, April 22, 2022 on the exceptional stage of the ephemeral Grand Palais, in Paris (7th), during the Paris Book Festival in which the Region participates.

Each distinguished author receives a grant of 2,250 euros of the Ile-de-France region.

And each sworn high school student receives a voucher (check-lira) of 18 euros to be used in one of the 40 collaborating bookstores.

A operation of the Region implemented by the House of Writers and Letters.

Winners of the Baccalaureate Literary Prize 2021-2022

Winner of Paris (75)

Butterflies, of Barcella (Le Cherche Midi)

  • The author: Barcella began his career as a composer in 2010. From stage to festival, his spicy, modest and delicate writing seduced a wide audience. He will receive numerous awards, including the Barbara and Charles Cros Awards. As a musician of words, he enriched his universe of texts and stories and created in 2017 in Reims the Charabia Festival dedicated to French poetry and song.
  • Book : The fallen dreamer of the 21st century, Alexandrin Lamoureux, 27, has lost his butterflies, the ones that allow you to fall in love. However, his heart marvels when he meets Marie Mariposa. The young woman hides the secret of her mother’s suicide when she was 6 years old. His father, a retired mobster, strongly opposes his relationship with Alexandrin.

Winner of Seine-et-Marne (77)

White around, by Wilfrid Lupano and Stéphane Fert (Dargaud)

  • The author: Wilfrid Lupano, a comic book writer, was born in Nantes and lives in Toulouse. His influences are many and range from cinema to classical literature and science fiction. He has released more than thirty albums.
  • Drawing: Stéphane Fert lives in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques. His drawing influences range from Mary Blair to Mike Mignola, including Lorenzo Mattotti, Alberto Breccia, Frederik Peeters, Art Spiegelman, Cyril Pedrosa and Taiyô Matsumoto. Painting also has a very important place in his inspirations: Gauguin, Matisse and Cézanne. In 2016, Stéphane Fert is the author of Morganwith Simon Kansara (Delcourt), an album noticed by the press and professionals.
  • Book : 1832, Canterbury. In this small Connecticut town, Professor Prudence Crandall runs a school for girls. One day, he greets a young black woman, Sarah, in his class. The local white population immediately sees this “exception” as a threat. The school becomes the first school for black girls in the United States, 30 years before the abolition of slavery.

Yvelines Winner (78)

A bathtub in the desert, by Jadd Hilal (Elyzad)

  • The author: of Lebanese-Palestinian origin, Jadd Hilai was born in 1987 near Geneva. He now resides in Paris, where he is a professor of literature and a researcher in philosophy and literature. In 2018, he published with Elyzad distant wings (Grand Prix du roman métis 2018, Prix du roman métis des lycéens 2018).
  • Book : young Adel sees her life change when her parents divorce. At the same time, the war hit his country, leaving him alone. Then he meets a giant beetle whom he calls Darwin and Tardigrade, with whom he befriends. When they take him out of his village and bring him before a sheikh, he has no choice but to become a responsible boy. He remains in training.

Essonne Winner (91)

With a fado melody, by Nicolas Barral (Dargaud)

  • The author : Nicolas Barral, born in 1966 in Paris, is a cartoonist. After studying at the Angoulême school, he began his professional career in Good podium then gel fluid. He is best known for taking over, alternating with cartoonist Emmanuel Moynot, the comic book series. Nestor Burmaan adaptation of the novels of the French writer Léo Malet, succeeding Jacques Tardi.
  • Book : Portugal, 1968. The Salazar dictatorship has lasted forty years, but Dr. Fernando Pais has not cared about it since an unfortunate event in his youth. However, he begins to wonder about this totalitarian regime when a revolutionary child looks like an enemy.

Winner of Hauts-de-Seine (92)

The Little Lastby Fatima Daas (Black on White)

  • The author: Fatima Daas was born in 1995 in Saint-Germain-en-Laye. Her parents, who came from Algeria, settled in Clichy-sous-Bois (93) where she grew up surrounded by a large family. In college, he rebels, claims the right to express his ideas, and writes his first texts.
  • Book : Fatima Daas lives in a practicing Muslim family originally from Algeria. Living in Clichy-sous-Bois, she was an unstable student and then an inadequate adult. Suffocated by an environment where love and sexuality are taboo, she is noted for her talent as a writer and begins her literary studies, while discovering her attraction to women.

Winner of Seine-Saint-Denis (93)

Inhabitant of nothing, natural everywhereby Souleymane Diamanka (The Threshold)

  • The author : Born in Bordeaux, Souleymane Diamanka is the author of his first slam album, entitled The Fulani winter (2007). After I write in French in a foreign language i Write aloud in co-writing, Inhabitant of nothing, natural everywhere is his third book.
  • Book : in his poems, Souleymane Diamanka plays with words and juggles languages ​​by associating their European and African cultures, in particular the tradition of Fulani orality. It launches a timeless song, a call to love, tolerance and knowledge of the other.

Winner of Val-de-Marne (94)

Radio girls, of Cy (Glenate)

  • The author : Cyrielle Evrard, known as Cy, is a French graphic designer, illustrator and comic book author, born in 1990. She published in 2017 real sex real life where he chooses to show fragments of sexuality from witnesses. His leitmotif: show to alleviate guilt. He lives in the Paris region.
  • Book : New Jersey, 1918. Edna Bolz is hired as a worker at the United States Radium Corporation, a factory that makes watches for the military. She paints spheres at a steady pace, and sometimes, like her colleagues, she painstakingly paints her nails, teeth, or face with this luminescent, radioactive substance. Soon, health problems multiply.

Winner of Val-d’Oise (95)

The luck sectionby Frédéric Schmitter (The Rock)

  • The author: Born in 1969, Frédéric Schmitter has developed a strong taste for puzzles since childhood. The discovery of Oulipiens, led by Perec, awakens in him the desire to write. In 2017, Frédéric Schmitter published an e-book on Georges Perec with the Nouvelles Lectures editions.
  • Book : Anne, Erwan, Isabelle, Olivier, Urielle and Yves were students at the College des Îles du Ponant during the 1984-1985 academic year. However, they are not known because each one evolves in its own territory surrounded by water. Gaspard, a Parisian writer, makes the connection between them by introducing them to puns, a discovery that overwhelms the 6 teenagers.

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