Six Montdory high school students in Thiers (Puy-de-Dôme) will take part in the International Youth Games in Brussels

Montdory High School had already tried its luck two years ago. Unsuccessful. The dream of students to represent their school in Chicago did not come true. But the second attempt was successful. A couple of teachers of Physical Education and Sports (EPS), with the support of the management of the Thiers Institute, developed a quality sheet, which allowed them to select.

Two selected establishments

“Only three or four establishments have been presented at the Academy level,” said Éric Frayssinet, director of the institute. We are the only ones selected to travel to Brussels. The Pierre-Joël Bonté de Riom Institute is taking part, but at a distance. »

A great sporting and human adventure is thus approaching the horizon for six young people at the Thiers establishment. Mélanie, Kamra, Basile and Gabin, in first class, will share this Belgian epic with two second classmates: Enzo and Enora.

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We will be with young people from French high schools around the world, we will share, very excited, high school students. A total of 40 countries, from all continents, will be represented. And each institute has its own team.

“This represents 400 participants,” added the teachers, who are as eager as their students to participate in this sporting and cultural event.

The Montdory de Thiers institute will open a mixed rugby section, in collaboration with the Pays de Thiers Rugby

Because on the occasion of these International Games, it will not only be a matter of sport. “Created in 2011, the International Youth Games are the story and meeting of young people from around the world in mythical and symbolic cities around a strong identity: sport, culture and heritage,” say the organizers. The Thiernois in the race will have to face very different tests. Urban rallies, cultural and artistic sports, laser racing, badminton, training circuits and cross-country racing, or even rugby flag and orienteering will mark your week.

“We have our chances in terms of physical activities because our team is very sporty. It’s a shock team. »

Laurent Decombat (Accompanying teacher)

But as these Games do not only affect the six selected young people, there will also be events upstream, to take the whole establishment on an adventure.

The whole school is behind the students

“We had 16 candidates for the start, ready to start. It had to be chosen, so there were probably disappointments. But they will also participate, in another way, with the three tests that will be done before the start “, specify the physical education teachers.

The goal? Representing the establishment on the one hand, but also, why not, doing some podiums. And when the traveling students return, a big party is planned, victory or not. “At the end of June, we will all gather around an event,” says the director.

Sarah Douvizy

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