Seine and Marne. Education, construction and social work, the main axes of the 2022 budget in Savigny-le-Temple

Marie-Line Pichery, right, during the city tour by ANRU (© EvO / RSM77)

After the first round of presidential elections, the Savigny-le-Temple Town Hall met on Monday, April 11 for the traditional vote of the budget. An always important moment in the life of a municipality, and an opportunity for the municipal team to assert its options and priorities. With a total of 55.5 million euros for the year 2022, this Savignan budget will focus mainly on strengthening the social shield, educational actions, major works and public tranquility. The point with Marie-Line Picherymayor of Savigny-le-Temple.

“We are still waiting for the REP classification”

Was it complicated to set up this budget after two years of Covid?

Marie-Line Pichery : It’s always complicated, especially since there are still many state transfers to many positions. We have opted for a collective approach, drawing up the budget with all the elected officials and departments, listening to everyone’s requests. After all, it’s always a matter of choice. Thanks to a solid and rigorous management, we will have a budget of 55.5 million euros, with a lot of investment. Specifically, we will do many things that we have not been able to do during the years marked by Covid. And we will do all this without increasing the municipal share of the real estate tax, or the surveillance services, such as the dining room in particular …

Among the major areas of investment is education, which seems to be a priority.

It is a priority. I am angry with the state which, in my opinion, is not investing enough. There are many children who want to get out of it, who have ambition, we have to give them the means to get there, that is where we have to invest. You can tell me what you want, for me equality doesn’t really exist. For example, I have been fighting for the city to be listed as a REP for years, and we have been told for years that it will be done. But that never happens! In the meantime, we will continue with our investments, with the CM2 supervised study system becoming permanent. Each primary school class will be equipped with an interactive video projector, a whiteboard, a wired and wireless internet solution (wifi), and each teacher will be able to obtain a laptop.

What will be set in motion for the social component?

The goal is to re-establish social bonds for all. There is obviously strong support for the Community Center for Social Action, but also for the strengthening of the Maison France Service or the sustainability of community support for solidarity actors such as Secours Populaire, Restos du Coeur and Generations77. Many actions will be launched, especially for the elderly, with the creation of the center for the elderly, which will offer mainly outings and outings.

Security was one of the leitmotifs of the presidential campaign. What are you planning on this side?

First of all, I prefer to talk about public tranquility to ensure a peaceful and peaceful city. We are going to hire 4 new officers of the Municipal Police and an ASVP, who will complement the work of the existing police services, the three officers of the green brigade who are fighting against illegal dumping and the City Council mediators. of which are specifically attached to the schools of the city.

Will major works begin?

There are many things planned. Specifically, we will renovate one of our football fields with a synthetic field, we will continue the restoration of the school group of Les Ormes. There will also be a continuation of the ANRU program, with the arrival of Tzen 2, but also the works in the Fontaines shopping center, which will offer an interesting new model, as there will be 30 rental homes with access to property to enable. people to build wealth. The works are always a sign of dynamism, we try to make Savigny a city that looks to the future …

Interview by EvO

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