Phishing, malware … This is the best time to use a trusted antivirus

The current international context could not be more conducive to cybercrime attacks. Taking advantage of the news in Ukraine, scams are on the rise, and to protect this cyberwar, a trusted antivirus is the best defense.

We have seen this with the COVID crisis, the news and the context favor the resurgence of cyber attacks, and this is still the case today with a cyber war, which is also being played online. With such a tense international situation, the perpetrators of malware take advantage of the situation to spread malware and, of course, phishing attacks and online scams. These threats weigh heavily on both individuals and businesses, and while telecommuting is still present, personal and professional data still tend to mix. The solution ? Using comprehensive cybersecurity solutions and recognized for their effectiveness against malware, data protection and privacy. Equip your PC and your smartphone or Mac with a high performance antivirus is more necessary than ever and solutions all in one level, thereby strengthening the cybersecurity of all your devices.

An antivirus is almost essential in this context of cyber warfare

The concept of cyberwar may seem sensational, but has nothing of a political thriller or a science fiction film. The use of malicious software to destabilize services, businesses, dissemination of online scams to steal personal data is a reality that we have seen during childbirth, and still observed since the beginning of Ukraine crisis. That’s why antivirus now necessary, even essential.

These attacks can target business users in the context of their business, but can also affect people. Phishing attacks, in particular, which are to deceive the user’s surveillance, are especially suitable for operating a news story. In this case, we are already seeing an increase in fraudulent donation campaigns for Ukraine or participation in online actions.

In the face of this increase, we are not constantly monitored and need tools to facilitate this analysis by detecting fraudulent links and effectively blocking malware before it can cause damage. However, you should also be able to trust an antivirus that has administrator access to all of your devices. French and international authorities are advising to move away from solutions of Russian origin for this reason.

Anssi advises every user to protect themselves

The current situation calls for caution and Anssi makes recommendations to people and companies that the agency recommended “thinking in the medium-term strategy of diversification of cyber security solutions.” And for individuals? More than ever, the key is, of course, in compliance with the best practices, but especially in choosing a trusted security solution, which provides a comprehensive approach to protection: anti-virus and anti rançongiciels shields, safety web banking fraud protection, respect for privacy and protection of children’s online activity. And this is what provides all Bitdefender security solutions including Bitdefender Total Security, a comprehensive system, multi-user and multi-device.

Choose a European Confidence antivirus to protect yourself

Confidence could not be more important in the current context. Antivirus is a very powerful software that can scan system behavior for malicious software. That’s why you have access to the heart of your devices, and it’s obviously important that access given to it guarantees total transparency in return. With a solution like Bitdefender Total Protection, you will also benefit from the tools that protect your privacy, and again you need to use this solution with confidence, without fear of the confidentiality of the information you see or stream online. Bitdefender Total Security offers this insurance with European antivirus, and respectful of the privacy of your personal data. You have a solution that is at the same time powerful, that offers many protection features on all devices, and you can maintain total confidence.

Bitdefender Antivirus accept the offer

Bitdefender: trusted antivirus at really good prices

Bitdefender Total Security includes an antivirus that has been awarded by independent labs for its detection of infallible threats and capable of blocking the most sophisticated malware thanks to its Advanced Threat Defense behavior analysis technology. Real-time protection frustrates all kinds of malicious software, including unidentified emerging threats (day zero). Antivirus has ransomware protection that secures your personal information (documents, photos, etc.) to protect it from malicious application modifications. Phishing defense technologies detect and block fraudulent sites that pretend to be legitimate, and banking transactions benefit from running in a secure, isolated browser system.

On public Wi-Fi networks, such as train stations, airports, or supermarkets, you are not necessarily protected. With Bitdefender VPN, you have 200 MB / day of anonymous, encrypted traffic, which allows you total privacy, safe from data interception.

To protect the family, parental control allows integrated content filtering potentially dangerous for their children and limit the time they spend on different screens. And all without negative impact on the performance of your devices: Bitdefender Total Security is one of the lightest and optimized solutions.

Currently enjoying Bitdefender Total Security for one year in five devices (Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS) with six months of free subscription, or 18 months of full protection for only 24.99 euros.

Take advantage of the Bitdefender Total Security offer: an additional 6 months subscription is offered

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