Is there a problem with AdBlue in motorhomes? Excessive consumption and lights that turn on too soon

Motorhome owners have been surprised to see AdBlue’s backup warning light come on shortly after it fills up. To find out if the problem was general, we consulted our facebook followers. An avalanche of responses validates this double observation: first, AdBlue consumption has become excessive, then the lights come on early.

If you are reading Le Monde du Camping-Car, you may have found these two posts on the subject of AdBlue in our email in the readers section. Motorhome owners Jean-Luc and Pierre face a similar problem.

  • Jean-Luc consumes 7.96 l / 1000 km. “I refuel at every start of the alert and the tank containing 19 l, I have the impression that my warning light comes on very soon because I can only fill a quarter of the tank. »
  • As for Pierre, his AdBlue light came on after 2 days. He fears that the on-board computer will cause a start ban after 1500 km. But the technicians consulted did not detect any malfunction …

Two testimonials to read in Le Monde du Camping-Car n ° 338. Our two readers would like to know if other motorhome owners have the same problem. That’s why we’ve sent this call to our Facebook page. Many comments came …

High consumption of AdBlue in motorhomes: they confirm

Mireille: I have the same problem, ordering AdBlue at 1,500 km for an addition of about 5 l while according to Fiat the tank contains 19 l. As for refilling in cans, impossible with the small spout.
Miquel: I retouched a piece of plastic tube (in PER) and a funnel, and now it fills up without any problems and all the way to the bottom of the container.

AdBlue Fill Funnel
Michel attached a photo of his funnel. Thanks Miquel! © Michel Firi / facebook

Didier: Like me. 2021 motorhome with 140 hp. My first warning was after 1,500km, the second time after 1,600km. I had an engine alert at 3,200km on the odometer, went to the garage and had my faulty catalytic sensor replaced. Now let’s see if the problem is related.

Herve: Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

Nicholas: Almost 7 liters per 1,000 km, bearing included, in a 140 hp Fiat with a maximum of motorways and expressways … Replacement of the probe last month, with an error message that appears on the dashboard! Consumption does not concern the distributor. In any case, it’s a good idea to spend even more!

Signal: Yes it is excessive with a 170 hp 3.5 ton automatic Ford, it is a full one every 3000 km.

Kiki: Normal, because it’s almost impossible to fill the AdBlue tank with the gun completely attached. To complete the filling you have to play with the gun and be patient. In short, you should know that AdBlue consumption is tied to your driving. If you have a brutal driving, consumption will continue, while a rational driving will allow you to get a better level of consumption stability. Then don’t forget that your mechanic will not advise you on such solutions and will prefer that you replace a defective part.

Jean Michel: In the latest motorhomes whose anti-pollution standards have been tightened, with dynamic driving (about 12 liters per cent of diesel), the consumption of AdBlue is about 5 liters per 1,000 km, more or less 1 liter. We are no longer at 1 or 2 liters per 1,000 of the first vehicles with AdBlue.

Carol: Huge consumption especially on the highway, but when you ask the brand and it’s normal, of course …

Sebastian: So I’m not alone! A disaster this ADBlue. I, at Fiat, the head of the workshop, almost reproached myself for driving on the highway that my average speed was high and therefore my normal consumption of 7.2 l per mile.

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