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20/20 for “AlucardAces”! This is how this football, basketball and tennis expert won € 21,842.22 with just a € 15 bet.

Before talking about your Mortal Combo, can you introduce yourself a bit?

My name is Olivier and I live in the Lyon region. I have been following sports news closely since I was a child, and tennis in particular. He has been making sports bets since 2014. Betting offers an extra thrill when you follow the matches, he brings his share of joys and sometimes disappointments.

See your detailed phone

Tell us a little bit about how you developed this combination of 20 football, basketball and tennis teams.

I was able to show great patience with this phone. The goal was to increase the odds fairly quickly in the early stages by playing fairly undecided matches in terms of results or trying to play some surprises. I then made sure to play the safest bets possible taking into account the dynamics of the moment.

You played mostly favorites, but with 2 big outsiders – what’s your secret?

In basketball and football, I really like the odds between 4 and 6 that have often worked for me. As for these 2 great outsiders, they were confrontations with opposite dynamics and this is often where the surprises come into play. Obviously, there is a part of success and luck when you overcome these kinds of odds!

The Booster Combo

What do you think of the “complete my bet” feature?

This feature is really very practical and useful, especially for tennis because it allows you to play several games of the same player on the same phone. This is also the case with other sports, it allows you to play various games of your favorite teams …

How did you experience this crazy betting adventure?

Very calmly at the beginning, then paradoxically it was when the two big predictions passed that I started to tell myself that it could become a very, very nice combination … The last game with Liverpool came out without problems and fortunately because the fact that the two star strikers of the team (Mané and Salah) had played a World Cup play-off match during the week, which reached the penalties, had made me doubt a bit your presence on the scoreboard!

Have you considered using cashout at any time?

In the last few games it went through my head but I had really decided to choose the safest possible bets so as not to have to. However, I find this feature very useful, especially live.

Withdraw and complete the functions of my bets

How did you celebrate this?

I haven’t had a chance to celebrate yet! I plan to make a good restaurant next weekend!

What is your favorite sport to bet on: football, basketball or tennis?

Without a doubt: tennis. In any case, it is the sport where I think I have the most experience and knowledge of the players.

What kind of bet is usually? Do you systematically bet small amounts on high odds?

Not necessarily, I sometimes bet bigger sums on simple bets, especially on big events where confidence is much higher.

Is this your biggest gain? If not, what was your best bet before that?

This is the highest probability I have managed to overcome so far, but I had also had a higher gain in 20 previous combined selections.

Remember your biggest disappointment with sports betting?

As with any gambler, obviously there have been some. The first thing that comes to mind is my debut in sports betting: 1/2 final of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, I found that the odds for Brazil were great, I had confidence and did not see them lose in versus. Germany at home … I quickly changed my mind and that day I realized that nothing was safe in sports. Anything can happen!

Other combinations in progress?

Yes! I had another very good combination, although the odds were much lower, thanks to the victory of the Royal Society over the Spanish Barcelona. I also have other combinations in progress and look forward to continuing to be successful.

What will you do with this money?

I will stay a little longer to continue betting and take the opportunity to make renovations to my flat.

What advice would you give our bettors?

Be humble and reasonable in all circumstances and above all never underestimate the violence of variance, because everything can go very fast in one direction or the other.

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