In Rugles, with the shared vegetable garden, the purchasing power grows

With the rhubarb on the first floor, Rugle’s amateur gardeners prepare the ground for growing vegetables © Le Réveil Normand

There is no better time than this to return to nature and calm, to grow your own fruits and vegetables. The facilitators of Rugloise Cultural Association (ACR) he understood it well. With other members, they gather around the shared vegetable garden located rue des Forges in Rugles (Eure).

“Time or Never to Choose Your Diet”

In the face of too many health controversies – such as the contamination linked to the consumption of Buitoni pizzas with the bacterium E.coli – the time has come to change. Change of practices.

Change in the way you eat. Per Coralie Demory, cheerleader “Orchards” at the ACR, “it is now or never to choose your food, plant your own vegetables, prepare your garden…”.

We grow tomatoes in the greenhouse, zucchini, spinach, leeks, beets, potatoes, sweet potatoes, cucumbers …

Coralie Demory

That’s not all: salad, pumpkins, squash, rhubarb, strawberries. “Aromatic herbs such as chives, parsley, alceta …”

Parsley and other herbs © Le Réveil Normand

As Nita Varoquaux, a resident and participant in the shared vegetable garden, in the oven and in the mill, points out in the process of planting the seedlings, “at least we know what’s on our plates.” With a perfect playground, a 50 m garden with an 18 m greenhouse, Rugles Shared Orchard has nothing to envy to others.

Watering, cleaning, weeding

So many vegetables that can be harvested around June even if it is earlier for radishes, “within eighteen days,” he confirms Morgane Guille, facilitator-parent of parenting.

“Okay, now we’re going to close the rows,” Nita announces, “that is, we’re going to turn the land on each side to prevent the birds from eating the seeds.”

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The floor, essential for other operations © Le Réveil Normand

Another “predator” of the orchard, the cats that roam. For their part, Morgane and Coralie continue to fill the pots with potting soil. Here, the organization, without being military, is well established.

It doesn’t matter how old Kenza, 11, doesn’t skimp on the means to plant cucumbers and spinach. He even took care of the strawberries.

Here, in addition to coexistence and frank camaraderie, many things are learned.

With rakes, shovels, grelinettes and other pitchforks, gardeners take care of mowing, watering, hoeing, cleaning and weeding, “in short, all the daily maintenance of a garden is done” , concludes Nita. A job that may seem colossal “but you don’t have to be afraid of the garden. If everyone does their part, we can easily get there, says Coralie Demory. Everyone brings their experience.

Kenza, 11, carefully applies the seeds © Le Réveil Normand

Due to the mildew that completely damaged the tomato crop last year, Rugles’ group of amateur gardeners decided to plant the seeds in a greenhouse.

The harvest period

The facilitator would especially like more Rugloises and Ruglois during the harvest. “Thanks to the seedlings, we have a lot of vegetables every year. This is good for families who can’t afford to buy or buy certain products. But still, it is difficult for people to come. “Especially because there are, on average, about twenty people for the planting part.

With the Rugloise Cultural Association, you can work with a smile © Le Réveil Normand

This year, with the rising cost of living and declining purchasing power, the opportunity is even greater to enjoy fresh, local vegetables.

Financially, it’s pretty interesting. In addition, if people are particularly interested in vegetables, they are welcome during the “Sowing” workshop on Wednesday, April 27 from 2 to 4 p.m. It is still nice to eat products that we have planted ourselves.

Coralie Demoryanimator

Write it down in your diary Wednesday, April 27, from 2 to 4 p.m., planting workshop. Address: 18 rue des Forges (behind the doctor’s office) in Rugles. Contact and registration: 06 89 72 44 62, [email protected]

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