In Arras, Marine Le Pen launches his blows against Macron “the arrogant”

The day after a roundtable debate in which some had judged her for moderation, Marine Le Pen resumed the offensive against Emmanuel Macron on Thursday evening in Arras (Pas de Calais) beating the President of the Republic, alternatively described as “condescending.” , “with boundless arrogance” and “who does not like[e] not the French. ” “His rival last night’s attitude, his contempt, is the one he has treated the French for almost five years,” he said, mocking the collapsed position of the head of state on the television set. in direct reference to François Hollande: “A president. The hoarse voice, the result of long months of campaigning, Marine Le Pen has multiplied the attacks against who has been the main opponent of the National Rally for five years,” a a man who has presented himself as financially gifted and who is actually a fool with a calamitous balance sheet, “he joked before describing a harassed head of state, backed only by the” system “and the” ghosts. ” .

Antimacronist “Republican” front

Driven by the boos and whistles of the crowd, Jean-Marie Le Pen’s daughter did not hesitate to borrow from the lexicon of the “businessmen” of the Third Republic, characteristic of the far right, painting the portrait of a subject president. to the “logic of money,” “those of American bankers and consultants,” and bearer of a “nomadic and liquid” world, while the “SCAMS!” or “MACRON, OUT!” Seeing the “vote of civilization” in the April 24 vote, the leader of the National Grouping tried to transform the issue of the second round into an anti-Macron referendum, proposing for the twentieth anniversary of April 21. of 2002 to establish a new type of “republican front”, this time directed against the same head of state.

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