“He was untied, we could see that the dog wanted to kill”: Frimousse, Solange’s kitten, killed by a husky without a leash

Despite her best efforts, Solange was unable to protect her little Frimousse. The 8-month-old cat was killed by a dog while in his garden, he says. Today, he struggles to find his master so he can be punished.

We are in early April. Solange’s four cats play in her garden on rue des Cotilages in Sainte-Walburge, a district of Liège. Among them, the little 8-month-old “Frimousse.” “I picked him up in October after he was hit by a car”, she breathes. For a while, the cat got better and resumed his outdoor outings.

The back of the Solange Garden overlooks an old pile of coal slag, popular with walkers and pet owners. This Wednesday, April 6, Solange is alerted to the noises emanating from her garden. Suddenly, he discovers a husky dog ​​on his property trying to attack his cats. “It was like detached. We saw that the dog wanted to kill. “ says Liège.

Armed with a broom, Solange tries to scare the dog away. Alerted by his cries, the owner of the latter would then have landed in the garden. “He threatened to tell me he had no interest in attacking his dog.”, she informs. After that, he allegedly retrieved his Husky and strapped it to his leash.

We see the traces of the tusks

For Solange, the moments that follow are especially painful. “I found my kitten dead. They obviously caught him by the side, you can see the traces of the tusks. He was killed instantly. “ she trusts. Her other cats have no sequelae. After burying her little Frimousse, Solange goes to the police station “not to let the death of this kitten go unpunished.”

But without evidence, it is difficult to file a complaint. She believes she was not heard by authorities. Solange addresses the local press. In an article published by The Meuse, she asks for witnesses. “I don’t know if the owner of the husky saw that his dog killed my cat. He wants to fix it or if the neighbors recognize him, they can contact me. It’s an adult dog, light gray in color.”he indicated.

I would like the owner to be punished

And obviously, that call has resonated. People have contacted Liegeoise to help her identify the dog’s owner. “A lot of people said they saw this gentleman walking his dog around the neighborhood.”trust the columns of the Meuse. Solange has written a letter to the king’s prosecutor which is about to be published. “I would like the owner to be punished so that this does not happen again. I am sorry that such dangerous dogs pass without a leash,” she tells us.

Liege says she has been traumatized since the incident. “I live in fear that this dog will re-enter my garden or attack my other cats. Also, I’m afraid to see this threatening individual in the neighborhood again and I can’t work more calmly in the garden.” he wrote in his letter.

The police regulations of the city of Liège specify that it is forbidden to let dogs roam. “They must be constantly under the control of their companion,” we can read. When driving on public roads, they must be tied up.

However, huskies are not required to carry a muzzle. This only affects dogs whose breed is considered dangerous, namely the American Staffordshire Terrier, the English Terrier, the Pitbull Terrier, the Dogo Argentina, the Bull Terrier, the Mastiff and the Rottweiler. The rules are different depending on the municipality. Veterinarians call for a normalization of the procedure in the event of an accident but oppose the creation of categories between races.

The owner of a dog, or guardian, is always responsible. In the event of an assault, it is possible to report it to the police.

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