Energy in cinema: between fiction and reality

Movies are a welcome escape from our reality, but there are some similarities to our daily lives. What’s the difference between fiction and reality when it comes to energy in movies?

Gravity and solar panels

Solar panels on the International Space Station

In the movie Gravitydirected by Alfonso Cuarón, the ISS solar panels they are repaired sometimes. This representation is close to reality, as the International Space Station is effectively equipped with one solar systemas amazing as it may sound.

Again solar panels they have also come to settle in the station in June 2021. They are supplied by the American aircraft and aerospace manufacturer Boeingand were installed by Thomas Pesquet and Shane Kimbrough during their recent space trip.

The first two solar panels had been installed in December 2000, in just 13 minutes!

What are ISS solar panels for?

The solar panels installed on the International Space Station are of crucial importance: these IROSA solar panels (for ISS Roll-Out Solar Array) allowadd electricity to the station.

All in all, these are six solar panels which will return potential to the international station. These panels are rolled up and will provide 120 kWh of additional power.

Less efficient installation than expected

To save time installing these solar panels, NASA and Boeing decided to do so place them on existing solar panelss. The latter produce a light shade, which does not prevent the production of the new iROSA solar panels. between 20 and 30% more energyand that for 2030.

So, fiction or reality?

Gravity It is a film that is illustrated in this way by its resemblance to reality: the solar panels are, in fact, installed by astronauts and, like any installation that you want to see last over time, they need to be maintained. The scene showing the damage to the solar panels and their repair was even validated by astronaut Thomas Pesquet, surprised by the realism of the film !

Star Wars and electricity

Many experts have denounced the fiction of the film Star Warsalleging this lightsabers were not scientifically plausible. In fact, lightsabers work thanks to a handle with a pure luminous blade, which is therefore considered a lenergetic soul.

Where does the energy of the lightsabers come from? Star Wars ?

The lightsaber would produce like this almost a billion watts, but where does this energy come from? According to the film’s creators, it comes from the force, which, for science fiction, works … but not in reality!

To be able to produce light you need to be able to benefit from an electrical supply, produced, for example, by renewable energies, such as solar energy, or wind energy. Then it is necessary that this energy is transformed into electric current, so it can be used for lightsabers! For a little more realism, then, it would take the lightsabers used by the Jedis of Star Wars can be rechargedin an electrical terminal, in order to produce the energy necessary for its operation.

A final clue proves it to us lightsabers are much more fiction than reality : If the light emanating from these weapons was really light, then why can’t these colored rays cross without being blocked? So the mystery of the force remains intact …

Alerting movies

tomorrowa more real than fictional film

Energy is a topic that is often taken up at work in the films they deal with environmental issue. Unfortunately, these movies are more real than fiction! This is the case, for example, of movie tomorrow, directed by Mélanie Laurent and Cyril Dion. This movie allows us to touch the limits of our energy consumptionwhile evaluating the possible scenarios depending on our consumption.

Don’t look upa realistic failure?

Most recently, the movie Don’t look up was released on the Netflix streaming platform. This movie is mostly a cry of alarm against global warming. Two astronomers, convinced that a meteorite will destroy our planet, embark on a major media tour to warn our world of its impending end.

Although this film disappointed many who saw it, it’s pretty realistic, with, however, its limitations. There is a risk of a collision between Earth and asteroids and global warming is a reality we regularly face. It is the result of ours energy consumptionamong others, and that is why governments in various countries are taking steps to reduce our energy impact : by enactment greener energyby creating a more efficient and less energy intensive real estate markettherefore less polluting …

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