Doug’s showcase at Fnac

The Clermontois artist will be on display at the Fnac Clermont-Ferrand on the occasion of the release of his EP “young the doug”

As a child of our time. As beautiful as desperate, as violent as stuffed animals, as dark as bright, as selfish as sharing. So many contradictions that we find at the heart of The Doug’s first furious EP. A real shock. The intimate work of a 21-year-old man with a pleasant depression, who found his nickname on the benches of a university in Clermont-Ferrand, his hometown: “The English teacher wanted us to have English names in class. My brother knew a Scotsman named Douglas. It seemed unusual to me and I adopted it”. Who transforms into high school in The Doug, when it comes to finding a nickname to carry his rap project.

However, Jules’ first musical love affair, his real name, is not in hip-hop, but in the metal activists of System of a Down for whom he has long been a “monomaniacal fascination”To the point of listening to Toxicity, Serj Tankian’s second album, over and over again at the age of eleven. Later, when he reached adolescence, Strokes, Linkin Park, Prodigy, REM and especially Gorillaz appeared on his playlists, which he always placed in the pantheon of his great musical references.

Then there is the inevitable encounter of the child of the century, in high school with the rap that provides his first lyrics and his first songs. But unlike his comrades, who are content to slap him at fast-paced Internet, The Doug has his own method: “For me, it was easier to imagine a loop with my guitar, throw it, and then write the lyrics.. ” For a while in English and quickly in French. “A good way to find the right words to express what I want. This makes it easier to reach people. My goal is to destabilize them, to grab them in the gut, it’s more obvious in French.

Listening to his first real EP, the mission is definitely a success. They catch us in front of the fiery and unique flow, more singer than rapper, of Jules. His style is surprising among a new French scene more accustomed to expressing itself softly through a thread of lymphatic voice. With his false Bashung accents, he who has not been beyond the last albums of the hero of the French song, The Doug opens a funny, chaotic and poetic diary where he “cry without crying”. A good description of a decidedly out-of-frame personality whose influences and passions are revealed as a marker. We quote on the skin, the group of jeans rappers from Brockhampton, Lomepal or Bon Iver, the films where “the characters have slightly weird faces”By Bruno Dumont or Alain Guiraudie, but also climbing, science fiction, heroic fantasy, video games and even the Nobel Prize for Literature, Albert Camus.

It is late at night in his Clermont room that The Doug imagines his musical wanderer, the fruit of which now explodes in these six songs. The opening “Jeune The Doug” sung / rapped between humor and depression with intertwined riffs lays the groundwork for “white trash”. “Do good”the only major piece”Develops a good vibration quite new in his repertoire, which echoes the disturbing“ Comme la vie est belle ”where the singer-guitarist delicately expresses a palpable discomfort. His loud and indomitable verb carries “Les Tableaux” with this return hanging in his head. “In the decoration” sensitive tribute to his mother. The opportunity to evoke a chaotic family universe. Parents who divorced when he was four years old. A father who disappears at the age of twelve. No tears, just a great song. Finally there is this conclusion “With her”. The guitar resonates nervously through the streets of Clermont-Ferrand, a central figure in the form of a metaphor. The illustration of a certain link to his city, where The Doug took his first steps in concert in 2019 on the open stage, Showcase Club, of the Cooperativa de Mai. Without claiming a “singer from Auvergne” label. However, the boundaries of his city are now too narrow to contain the cataclysm The Doug.

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