Dog feces or not in conjugal bed? Johnny Depp’s sordid story in his trial with his ex-wife Amber Heard

Hard to escape the lawsuit between ex-spouses Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, who is in the news. An unattractive anecdote was told during the hearing. This is the discovery of excrement in the marital bed, which the 36-year-old actress attributes to one of her dogs. Something her ex-husband refuses to believe.

Since her divorce in 2017, Amber Heard i Johnny Depp they have had more than one face to face in court, and their dogs have been cited there on several occasions. The ongoing trial, which is being held in the court of Fairfax in Virginia, he was in his 2nd gradei on Wednesday, the day of the audition, when the 58-year-old actor returned to a tenuous episode, where canines were again cited. Information provided by TF1 news Thursday, April 21st.

Each opponent accuses the other of verbal and physical violence. To the judge, Johnny Depp explained a discussion that took place in April 2016 in his apartment in West Hollywood, in California. It is in this context that the amazing discovery was made by the bodyguard of the native ofOwensboro in Kentucky.

Article illustration: Dog excrement or not in the conjugal bed?  Johnny Depp's sordid story in his trial with his ex-wife Amber Heard
Johnny Depp / Instagram

He had told his security guard that he intended to leave Amber Heard after this umpteenth dispute, when he showed him a snapshot he had just taken on his smartphone. ” It was the image of our bed, and next to it was human feces. “said the character ‘s interpreter Jack sparrow. He then said that he understood that it was not the right time to separate from the young woman.

“He tried to blame the dogs”

A month later, the couple returned to this episode. ” He tried to blame the dogs “, indicated Johnny Depp. For him, ” it was not possible »That one of his Yorkshire Terriers, small canines, could have produced this excrement. ” I lived with these dogs for a few yearsit continued. I collected his excrement. It doesn’t come from a dog “.

The applicant had already assigned them buuone of the 2 Yorkies; the other is called Pistol – that the couple had at that time, during a trial prior to London in 2020. Amber Heard she claimed the quadruped had had stomach problems that day because she had eaten cannabis that her ex-husband had left lying around.

Article illustration: Dog excrement or not in the conjugal bed?  Johnny Depp's sordid story in his trial with his ex-wife Amber Heard
Amber Heard / Instagram

The dogs had grazed the worst more than once

It is, therefore, the word of one against that of the other, while the dogs were in the midst of all this without having asked for anything. In 2020, Johnny Depp he had admitted to mistreating one of them, having repeatedly put it in the microwave. He was also accused of hanging the animal from a window, which he denied.

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In 2015, buu i Pistol had been close to euthanasia in Australia, after being taken by the couple to Australia on a private jet without declaring or respecting the obligation to quarantine them for 10 days. Johnny Depp was there for the filming of the 5thi part of the saga pirates of the caribbean “.

Yorkshires’ illegal presence on Australian soil had been discovered by authorities after a photo of them was taken at a hairdressing salon in Queensland, in the east of the country. He i Amber Heard he had 72 hours to return buu i Pistol in the United States, otherwise they would have been sacrificed. Finally, the dogs had been repatriated before the deadline.

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