5 literary puppets discovered at the Monaco Book Fair

More than 160 authors presented their works at the XI Principality Book Fair on 16 and 17 April.

There was a crowd at the Grimaldi Forum, during the Easter weekend. Many readers went to the Salon du Livre to renovate the library collection. Monaco Tribune was also in attendance at the event and reveals five favorites to absolutely discover!

1. Quantum – Dean of Servants

Max Biasiol, alias Dean de Servienti, introduces us Quantumthe first volume of a trilogy and that is a pure thriller », With a dimension from science fiction. It all starts with the discovery of a cylinder in the middle of the desert by a refugee in a Darfur camp. Six scientists from different fields begin to study it and discover that this object has been on Earth for 250 million years. These scientists suddenly disappear and tell their relatives not to look for them. But the Israeli and US secret services are following in his footsteps, as is an agent hired by the husband of one of the scientists. An impressive thriller that will make you want to discover the second volume, but we will have to wait: it will not be published until 2023.

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Quantum, Dean de Servienti, € 5 in e-book; € 12 in audiobook.

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2. The previous world is gone! – Daniel Boeri

Digital change, climate change, new actors in India and China, ideas from Thomas Malthus and their population restrictions … In his essay, Daniel Boeri takes a very fair and analytical look at the world around us and the consequences of the transformations it undergoes. ” The world is at a crossroads: a foot in the old economic and philosophical world; the other foot to invent tomorrow ! A book to discover, to better understand the challenges of these four profound changes.

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The world of yesteryear no longer exists! Or four mutations and a funeralDaniel Boeri, Edicions Amalthée, € 19.

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3. The Palace of the Riviera – Jean-Claude Volpi and Jean-Paul Bascoul

Are you sure you know the magnificent old photographs of Monaco and the Côte d’Azur by collector Jean-Paul Bascoul? These magnificent period photographs, combined with the knowledge of the historian Jean-Claude Volpi, have given rise to a fabulous collection of illustrated albums, which allow us to discover the Monaco of yesteryear. Here you will discover the Riviera Palace, from the late 19th century to the 1930s.

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The Riviera Palace, Jean-Claude Volpi and Jean-Paul Bascoul, Self-published, € 26.

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4. The Exhaustion of the Wonder Woman – Pascale Caron and Valérie Peltier

A lot of people are likely to be recognized here. The author, Pascale Caron, gives us her testimony, accompanied in writing by her childhood friend, Valérie Peltier, a psychologist and coach by profession. Without judgment or advice – each situation is unique – both provide a benevolent look at this still little-recognized evil, with a positive and constructive message. The benefits are also donated to the Stop Burn Out Association in Nice.

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Exhaustion of the wonder womanPascale Caron and Valérie Peltier, Self-published, € 18.

5. With an open heart – Patrick Delacoux

Another touching testimony was that of Patrick Delacoux, who received a heart transplant. This former athlete speaks with emotion of this gift of life, this second opportunity to which he was entitled thanks to the transplant. A book that not only pays homage to the work of caregivers, but also raises awareness about the importance of organ donation.

open heart-patrick-delacoux
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Open heartPatrick Delacoux, Editions number 7, € 16.

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