Which VPN offers the best speed?

When choosing a VPN provider, speed is a choice. In fact, this is where we can really see the difference between a quality VPN and a lower quality VPN. If you’re wondering why there are sometimes significant price differences between VPNs, the answer often lies in the speeds you can get with each one.

Here, we’ll introduce you to the 4 fastest VPNs of 2022. Before we introduce you, we’ll introduce you to the conditions of our testing so that you fully understand how we came to these results.

The fastest VPNs of 2022:

  • ExpressVPN
  • NordVPN
  • CyberGhost
  • Surfshark
  • Private internet access
  • IPVanish

The terms of our VPN speed tests

To properly judge the quality and speed of a VPN, it is not enough to connect to a server randomly once, run the test, and see who wins. In fact, this would be affected by too much bias.

In order to get a good ranking and introduce you to the fastest VPN, we’ve done our testing as follows:

  • 3 tests (8 am – 1 pm – 6 pm) Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday: These tests were performed on the “nearest server” and on a New York server (usual location of the 4 VPNs you’ll find in this article).
  • 3 downloads of a 5GB file to uTorrent (to see if the data shown on Speedtest.net is actually reflected)
  • 3 uploads of a 5GB file to our online storage service (pCloud).
  • Windows 10 computer (speeds may vary if you’re on Mac / iOS / Android)

Downloading / uploading the 3x file, at different times, allows us to avoid, once again, certain biases that could falsify the results of our speed tests of different VPNs.

Finally, we obviously did 3 speed tests of our VPN-free connection, so you have a reference of our reference speed. The latter is quite excellent as we have obtained the following speeds:

  • 6 ms PING
  • Download speed of 511.45 Mb / s
  • Upload speed of 315.02 Mb / s

These speeds come from a simple average of the 3 tests performed.

Now that you know the parameters of our speed tests, we can reveal our ranking, with the 4 fastest VPNs of 2022.

1.VPN Express

All VPNs claim to have the best speed. But if there’s one that often wins, it’s ExpressVPN. The latter has given its competitors a good lead since the launch of its home protocol, Lightway (based on WireGuard).

© ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN performed well on both the nearby server (in this case Paris) and the New York server.

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Here are their results when we were on the nearest server (on average):

  • Ping 11 ms
  • Download speed of 408.10 Mb / s
  • 276.20 Mb / s load
  • 5GB file downloaded in 152 sec
  • 5GB file uploaded in 198

Therefore, these results are excellent, both in Speedtest.net and for real use, in download to uTorrent and upload to pCloud.

Here are the results when obtained for the New York server:

  • Ping 198 ms
  • 264.99 Mb / s download
  • 223.54 Mb / s load
  • 5GB file downloaded in 321 sec
  • 5GB file uploaded in 403s

Obviously, we see a pretty strong impact, but it is still quite acceptable given the distance that separated us from the New York server. With these speeds, you will have no trouble navigating, downloading, or transmitting, with a US IP address.

ExpressVPN, therefore, deserves its fastest VPN title on the market in 2022. Remember to enable the Lightway protocol, which is by far the most efficient we’ve been able to test. If you also want to try this app, you know that ExpressVPN offers a special offer with a 49% discount + 3 months free and 30 days return.

2. NordVPN

NordVPN speed
© NordVPN

In second place in this ranking of the fastest VPNs of 2022, we find NordVPN. It is not uncommon for these 2 VPNs to offer the best speeds. In fact, they are the only ones that have their own internal protocol, both based on WireGuard.

At NordVPN, it’s called NordLynx and has significantly improved one area where NordVPN still suffered: speed.

During our NordVPN test, we were already quite impressed with its speed, and it was confirmed when we tried it again to reach this ranking of the fastest VPNs.

Here are the results obtained on the nearby server (back in Paris) :

  • Ping 10 ms
  • Download speed of 397.55 Mb / s
  • 247.71 Mb / s load
  • 5GB file downloaded in 174 seconds
  • 5 GB file uploaded in 185 s

Here are the results from the New York server :

  • Ping 182 ms
  • Download speed of 211.12 Mb / s
  • 230.01 Mb / s load
  • 5GB file downloaded in 284s
  • 5GB file uploaded in 387s

We see results that are still more than satisfactory, either for the Paris server or for the New York server. The battle against ExpressVPN is really close and it’s a close competition between these two providers for the fastest VPN title of the year.

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3. CyberGhost

We continue our ranking of the fastest VPNs of 2022 with CyberGhost. Well known for its excellent value for money, making it the first step in the cheapest VPNs, CyberGhost also has very good speeds. It is true that it is behind ExpressVPN and NordVPN, but when you look at its price, you can only appreciate the speeds it offers.

© CyberGhost

As specified above, CyberGhost does not offer an “internal” protocol. So we did the speed tests with the WireGuard protocol.

Here are the results for the Paris server:

  • Ping 10 ms
  • Download speed of 328.90 Mb / s
  • 267.71 Mb / s load
  • 5GB file downloaded in 243 sec
  • 5GB file uploaded in 188s

For the New York server:

  • Ping 214 ms
  • Download speed of 199.18 Mb / s
  • 166.88 Mb / s load
  • 5GB file downloaded in 329 sec
  • 5 GB file uploaded in 514 s

While the results are a bit disappointing when compared directly to ExpressVPN or NordVPN, they are still more than acceptable and will give you a very good VPN experience. You can use it perfectly for all your activities, whether it’s streaming, downloading, or just surfing the Internet.

Therefore, CyberGhost fully deserves its third position in this ranking and comparison of the fastest VPNs.

Visit the CyberGhost VPN website

4.Surfshark VPN

To close this top 4 of the fastest VPNs of 2022, we still wanted to introduce you to Surfshark. In just 3 years, Surfshark has made a name for itself in the ultra-competitive VPN market.

© Surfshark

Although speed is not yet its strong point, it still manages to climb in our selection of the day, with results that remain more than satisfactory during our various tests.

As with CyberGhost, we used the WireGuard protocol to perform our various speed tests with Surfshark VPN.

Here are the results from the Paris server:

  • Ping 16 ms
  • Download speed of 233.40 Mb / s
  • 159.25 Mb / s load
  • 5GB file downloaded in 345 sec
  • 5GB file uploaded to 402s

While the figures given by Speedtest.net are still acceptable, we were quite disappointed with the times obtained during the specific use, in download and upload.

Here are the results from the New York server:

  • Ping 234 ms
  • Download speed of 104.78 Mb / s
  • 98.01 Mb / s load
  • 5GB file downloaded in 568 sec
  • 5GB file uploaded in 614s

Here again, the results are clearly declining. So, of course, this is still acceptable considering the distance between France and New York, but that could be almost the limit for 4K streaming when you’re connected to an American server. Therefore, it is not the best VPN to transmit if your goal is to have a smooth, high quality video.

Visit the Surfshark VPN site

What is the value of free VPNs in terms of speed and speed?

Feel free to pay for fast VPN service? It is perfectly understandable. But in this case, we have to warn you.

As you can see in our comparison of free VPNs, we had a chance to try dozens of different services. And of course, we were always trying to test the speeds we could get.

What conclusions have we been able to draw? Well, if you are looking for a quick fix and are therefore able to give you a smooth internet experience, then you should avoid free VPNs. They are anything but fast. Very often you will have to deal with overloaded servers, unintentional disconnections, and so on.

Unfortunately, even the best free virtual private networks are no exception to this rule. In this case, what should be done? If you really don’t want to pay anything and still have access to good speeds, our recommendation is to use the 30-day money back guarantee offered by ExpressVPN.

Conclusion: ExpressVPN is the fastest VPN of 2022

In this first-line comparison, we had the opportunity to test the speeds of the most reputable VPNs of the moment. We’ve seen that ExpressVPN keeps its crown well at very good speeds, either on the near server (Paris) or the remote server (New York).

Thanks to its excellent speeds, ExpressVPN will offer you a very good user experience, whether you want to play, download or just surf the Internet.

Alternatively, NordVPN, with its internal protocol, NordLynx, has also shown very good results and is also worth considering if you are looking for a fast and stable VPN. The differences are not noticeable between these two vendors and will therefore be details to differentiate these two vendors. In any case, you can try them without risk thanks to their unconditional refund guarantee period.

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