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Whatever croquettes your cat eats every day, it is important to keep them well so that they retain all their properties. Cat food also requires special storage conditions.

Have you just opened a package of your little feline’s favorite croquette? Quickly place them in a croquette bowl to prevent them from rusting. Exposed to the outdoors, croquettes will quickly lose their flavor and all the vitamins they contain. Not only will your cat not appreciate these rancid croquettes, but you might as well digest them! That is why a suitable container is the ideal solution for storing croquettes in good condition. As for wet cat food, you have to put it in the fridge after opening it – it can be stored for up to a week! Discover now the best storage solutions for open croquette packages. We have selected several boxes and containers, which combine utility with aesthetics. Quickly browse the shopping guide we’ve written for you – you’re sure to find the model that will change your cat’s life.


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The Curver cat croquette jug, handy to handle

Easy to handle, this ergonomic container has a lid with a sliding opening. Thus, the croquettes are well protected from the ambient air and the cat cannot access them alone. To pour them into the bowl, you can only open the small opening or remove the lid completely. Made of durable, odorless plastic, this jar of croquettes is also comfortable to clean. It does not contain any angle at which dirt can slide! Perfectly waterproof, this croquette container does not let any odor escape.

The Curver cat food container, with wheels

Equipped with two wheels, this storage container is comfortable to move and easy to handle. Just pull it by its small handle to slide it to the ground. The container comes with a small spoon to serve, which allows you to dose the croquettes. In addition, it incorporates an inner caliber. With a capacity of 35 liters, it can hold 12 kg of cat food. As for the secure closing system of the container, it prevents small cats from being helped by the croquette reserve.

The United Pets cat food bucket, delivered with its shovel

This croquette bucket stands out for its fun design: the lid is shaped like a cat’s head, as if the pet were sitting in the bucket with its ears protruding. Made in Italy, this croquette container comes with a spoon for eating. Also, placed behind the lid, the handle of the shovel represents the cat’s tail. This storage bucket is made of durable plastic and offers great robustness: it resists both scratches and bumps.

The set of two Pethiy croquette containers, with wooden lids

Made of carbon steel, these two storage boxes for cat food are very durable. They have a very fashionable Scandinavian look, with their white color and light wooden lid. Equipped with a side handle, these two boxes are handy for moving. Perfectly airtight, they won’t let air in! This kit also contains a serving spoon, which facilitates the dosing of each distribution. The boxes bear the inscriptions “cat food” and “cat sweets”.

How to store your cat’s croquettes?

Before opening the croquette package, you can store it in a cupboard at room temperature. In general, croquette bags are packaged in a controlled atmosphere, which prevents oxidation inside. Be careful not to place them on the balcony or terrace – temperature changes between day and night could cause mold. On the other hand, the storage conditions of the croquettes change radically as soon as you open the bag! Exposed to the air, this cat food quickly loses its taste and nutritional qualities.

Therefore, you can put the croquettes in a special container, equipped with an airtight closure. It is the ideal solution to prevent oxidation and preserve the taste of the croquettes for as long as possible. Feel free to leave the croquettes in the bag before putting everything in the container – storage will be even more effective!

Good to know, cat food should never be exposed to temperatures above 38 ° C. Beyond this threshold, the vitamins they contain are completely destroyed.

Are croquettes perishable?

Like all foods, cat croquettes are perishable. After a certain time (months, years), they become unfit for consumption. When the bag is not open, they are usually stored for many months if stored in optimal conditions (protected from light, temperature variations, etc.).

On the other hand, once the package is opened, the croquettes can deteriorate quickly. You should know that oxygen gradually degrades the vitamins in food. In addition, if you do not close the bag properly, the croquettes are exposed to air and light: they harden, lose their flavor and can even be molded. Bacteria lodge inside and can become dangerous! This is why it is important to respect the storage conditions recommended by the manufacturer.

If your cat eats damaged croquette, it could be poisoned.

Can puree be stored in the same way as cat food?

No, these two types of food have completely different methods of preservation: on the one hand, wet foods, on the other, dry foods. Before opening, you can store the pâté like croquettes at room temperature, in a cupboard for example.

Instead, as soon as the package or tray is opened, everything changes! Cat food boxes can be stored in the refrigerator for 5 to 7 days after opening. If your cat has not finished them, you should throw them away.

For open croquette packages, you can place them in a croquette container. This airtight storage container protects them from the ambient air and allows them to store as many vitamins as possible.

What are the types of accessories for storing your cat’s food?

Plastic containers for croquettes are among the most common accessories for storing cat food. Both compact, light and airtight, they keep the croquettes safe. They are available in many capacities: it is up to you to choose the capacity adapted to the number of cats that live in your house!

There are also smaller ceramic boxes. It is the ideal solution if you only have one cat. You can put them on a shelf so you always have them on hand! They are easy to clean with a damp sponge.

Croquette dispensers also have a tank that can store a certain amount of croquette for a few days.

What are the benefits of food packaging?

Cat food containers have several advantages. First, they keep the croquette in a healthy environment, away from light, ambient air, and temperature variations. They also keep insects out.

In addition, croquette storage bins prevent the cat from coming to its aid. Little cats are usually very smart and quickly figure out how to open the closet and croquette bag. In front of a container equipped with a secure closure system, there is not much they can do.

In addition, food containers have dimensions that allow them to fit in small spaces. Often longer than wide, they climb into corners that you might not otherwise use! With a sober design, they easily adapt to all types of interiors.

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