On Netflix and Disney +: 3 exciting series to watch tonight

While the Netflix and Disney + catalogs are constantly expanding, CNET France’s editorial staff invites you to discover tonight three series available for SVoD streaming, which guarantee you have a good time.

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This Wednesday, discover the series without further ado feeling well, Parallels i Halston.

What series to watch or re-watch streaming tonight?

An Emotional Series: Feel Good (Netflix)


In this drama, Mae tries to combine her new relationship with a young woman who until now was direct and her past as an addict.

The opinion of CNET France

In this delicately and carefully written series, Mae Martin explores the ups and downs of a character’s life with a chaotic existence. Between the pursuit of happiness and identity, young Mae has to face her past as much as the choices of her present. Mae’s character seems to confuse the fiction and reality of her performer, but that doesn’t stop her from overflowing with authenticity.

feeling well it’s a more moving than funny series that draws its strength from its sincerity. He deals sensitively with issues of gender, sexuality and addiction, without ever falling into pathos. The realistic look of the series is refreshing, and can only be attached to its main character. We also find Lisa Kudrow in the cast (Friends) in the role of a mother on whom her daughter’s past weighs heavily.

Yes feeling well it’s focused on a comedian, it won’t make you laugh, but it still promises to soften you up.

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A Mysterious Series: Parallels (Disney +)


Four teenagers have their lives turned upside down when a mysterious event separates them and pushes them to parallel dimensions.

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Presented as a French fiction at the crossroads between Strange things i dark, Parallels is a Disney + creation that is most memorable Back to the futurewith four young people traveling through time and trying to figure out how to put it all in order.

During the six episodes that make up its first season, the series transports the viewer to a captivating adventure as we rarely see in fiction made in France.

Parallels brings together a cast of compelling young actors at the service of a well-directed and rhythmic stage. The sci-fi side of the series is unpretentious and has nothing to envy to its American and German cousins.

At the end of its short season, we can only wish to see more, as the series manages to conquer its audience with endearing characters and an intriguing universe. We can’t wait to see what happens next.

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An Intoxicating Series: Halston (Netflix)


Inspired by Steven Gaines’ book “Simply Halston: The Untold Story,” this miniseries chronicles the rise and fall of a great American fashion designer in New York in the 1970s and 1980s.

The opinion of CNET France

Halston is another creation by Ryan Murphy (Rated, Hollywood) that explores both a particular character and the time around them. Halston, a legendary American fashion figure, is a complex play wonderfully played by Ewan McGregor, who alone provides a good reason to watch the series.

The latter contains only five episodes that can be watched at once, as the story of this fashion pioneer manages to capture attention. Well done and cleverly written, Halston is a mini-series worth seeing if it’s just to find out more about the character around which it centers.

If Halston is a big fashion name, it is mostly representative of an era that today’s audience has not necessarily known, and therefore the series highlights both the character and the world in which it evolves. . In short, this is an effective and interesting biopic taken by a very fit Ewan McGregor.

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