Meta Quest Gaming Showcase: A Brilliant Conference

According to the leaders of Facebook, recently renamed Meta, in 5 to 10 years, metaverses will be part of our daily lives, like a new generation of the Internet. This is because Mark Zuckerberg invest so much in this possible future for our society. But while we wait for this hypothetical advent, we must be able to bring virtual reality headsets to as many homes as possible, including Meta Quest 2, while we wait for the next generation of masks that we imagine will be announced next year. What better way to achieve this goal than a bunch of increasingly technologically advanced games. This is essentially what we have set aside for this Presentation of Meta Quest games.

A very rhythmic conference during which Ruth Bram, executive producer of oculus, announced to us during the half hour that this speech lasted a dozen new features or updates to existing games that will be released this year. Not everything was necessarily very interesting, like Cities: VR, a city builder that we thought was very dispensable, or NFL Pro Era, which is aimed primarily at the American public. In the same vein, the addition of an “electronic mixtape” for the essential Beat Saber left us impassive. However, some games made a great impression on us and will allow us to take out our Meta Quest 2 hidden behind our sacred raclette dish.

  • The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Chapter 2 – Retribution

And to start with that Presentation of Meta Quest games, we received the announcement of chapter 2 of the excellent The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners under the title “retribution”. A technically successful experience between horror and first-person action that made us want to re-enter this universe. It should arrive later this year as Quest 2 and on PC via Rift. We can legitimately think that it will also be available, as the first episode, to almost every other headset on the market, such as the PlayStation VR, although it has not yet been confirmed.

If you missed the excellent Red Matter, there’s little chance this second play will speak to you. However, we are facing, as for its major, with virtual reality titles among the most technically successful. This direct sequel is kept in a puzzle-oriented adventure perspective in a science fiction world. This dystopian universe and the story we are told are also part of the great highlights of the game, a title to watch for sure and that will captivate us this summer.

Speaking of enchantment, what better than Moss: Book 2 and Quill, this adventurous little mouse, to make us widen our eyes. The first part of the adventure was one of the best virtual reality titles, especially alongside Astro Bot: Rescue Mission on PlayStation VR, and could justify on its own, despite a somewhat short lifespan, the purchase of a “helmet”. This sequel is better in every way than the first episode. An exclusive PlayStation VR temporary, this summer we will be able to explore this adventure in the third person in our old Quest 2.

The least we can say is that Presentation of Meta Quest games offered us a variety of titles for this year, such as this Ruinsmagus, an action RPG with an animated art direction. That’s enough to cheer up the sweet dreamers who pray every day for a real-life virtual reality MMORPG on Sword Art Online. Well, we’re still a long way from the mark, it’s true, but the proposal is still interesting and the magic-focused combat system seems solid enough to deserve special attention.

  • Resident Evil 4 – The Mercenaries

Last year, the virtual reality adaptation of this cult title originally released on Game Cube in 2005 proved to be a resounding success. By offering a perfectly suited interface and gameplay for this new medium, Resident Evil 4 VR has achieved the feat of being one of the most essential virtual reality titles on the market. And finally, here’s Capcom announcing a free upgrade to its title, including The Mercenaries mode. Enough to offer many challenges and so many hours of pleasure to fans of the saga. And the good news rarely comes alone, this additional content is now available.

What would a Presentation of Meta Quest games without a small nod Mark Zuckerberg ? This time, he was present to announce a major new license for his Meta Quest 2: Ghostbusters VR. In this cooperative title, our mission will obviously be to capture the ghosts that haunt the different environments of the game. He made Phasmophobia a success by adapting it to a more familiar and younger audience. A title to watch.

So there were a lot of really interesting headlines during this Meta virtual reality speech. However, we cannot help but be dissatisfied with the end of the conference. For owners of the Quest 2 headphones, we can say that the night was beautiful, but for those who are still reluctant to make the move, we do not really see what title presented tonight could convince them. Unfortunately, this is where the shoe pinches. As long as the installed base is so limited, studios will always hesitate to develop very ambitious games, which sell much better, and as long as these AAA titles are not present in virtual reality headsets, the chances of a breakthrough towards the public in general seem weak. .

This is how the snake bites its tail and how technology has stagnated for so many years. Meta should give us a new conference in a few months, and obviously we’re waiting for the PlayStation proposal with its PS VR 2 which should be entitled to a detailed presentation later this year. With the hope that each other’s innovations will finally allow this technology to take on a new dimension, because by virtue of remaining in their childhood, they run the risk of never learning to speak.

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