Manche: This village launches its “Trombinochat” to identify the cats of the inhabitants

The mayor of Lessay (Manche), Stéphanie Maubé, fights against the proliferation of stray cats. (© DP)

In certain neighborhoods of Lessay (sleeve), the stray cats (or free cats, according to the official name, which do not belong to anyone) are proliferating rapidly. Not without consequences for the neighborhood.

Residents complain about seeing a lot of cats enter their garden or garage, to store food from the trash cans they take out.

Stephanie MaubeMayor of Lessay

Not to mention the urine and feces left behind, and kittens that are born almost daily. Faced with this prolonged situation, the municipality is launching a sterilization campaign stray cats.

Fine of up to 750 euros

The law obliges the owners to identify your cat near theI-Cadfor all animals born after 1er January 2012 and before 7 months. Without this, teachers take risks fine of up to 750 euros.

Mayors, meanwhile, are also forced to neuter stray cats that live in their township.

These are issues of maintaining public health and animal welfare. The law, on the other hand, does not allow the city council to euthanize the stray animal.

With that in mind, the mayor of Lessay asked, thenPirou Cats Association. The latter will be installed cages in areas where stray cats have become accustomed. Once identified, they will be sterilized by Dr. Caroline Tsaropoulos, then released at their place of origin so as not to disturb them. Of course, there is no abuse. “Veterinary practice offers us preferential rates. As for the association, it doesn’t charge us anything. These are important gestures for a municipality. »

Cats are portrayed

To easily identify felines, the chosen one had the original idea to create a “thrombinocat”. The beginning? All cat owners living in Lessay are invited to submit a photo of their pet, their nickname, as well as the street or neighborhood where they live. “The idea is not to track people, but simply to know where we will meet each cat in town,” said the mayor.

We’ve already received about twenty photos since Monday!

Stephanie Maube

In this way, the municipality will be able to more easily dissociate cats that belong to a family from those that roam without an owner. Also a way to more accurately quantify the number of stray cats in the municipality.

Videos: currently on Actu

No need to catch cats that already have an owner. We will also be gradually adding captured and spayed cats.

Make the owners responsible

Beyond the simple question of organizing the sterilization campaign, the mayor wants, above all, to hold the owners accountable.

It is a way to make them understand that if the cat is rude and not spayed, it runs the risk of being taken to a cage by the vet.

Stephanie Maube also judges gratifying so that the population makes it participate in this way in the life of the municipality. “Every citizen can thus participate in the good functioning of the territory. »

On the other hand, it is often difficult for elected officials to address this “a little taboo” topic.. “It’s sensitive. The subject should be approached with gentleness and humor, showing understanding for both animal lovers and people exasperated by the presence of stray cats.” A hell of a kick!

To send a portrait of your cat or report areas you suspect are frequented by stray cats: [email protected]

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