How and why do I give CBD to my dog ​​(or cat)?

You may have noticed that for a few months now there have been shops selling CBD on every corner … This is normal, as CBD is now authorized for sale under certain conditions. Last December, the sale of flowers and herbal teas was banned and only resins, creams, oils and sweets were allowed. A few weeks later, the sale of flowers and herbal teas was again authorized, as long as the level of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) was equal to 0. CBD-based products are known for their relaxing effects and in some countries such as Switzerland already they are. authorized as therapeutic treatments. They have long been used by some veterinarians for the well-being of our dogs. Explanations.

Why CBD for a Dog?

CBD or cannabidiol, which is found in cannabis in its natural state, is a chemical compound that it does not cause addiction or psychotropic effects. It is the other molecule, THC, that causes side effects. CBD comes from the plant called Cannabis Sativa, but we also know it as hemp, but it is basically the same plant. Since CBD is now marketed in the form of oils or creams, it is almost natural that it is made for dogs or cats. However, beware, CBD it is not recognized as a drug, but as a dietary supplement. French health authorities have not yet recognized any cannabis-based medicines.

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What are the possible uses in dogs or cats?

As we told you, CBD products do not cause addiction or high effects! In dogs or cats, they can be used to relieve anxiety, pain related to the age of the dog, arthritis, epilepsy, osteoarthritis, or behavioral disorders. As early as 2012, the calming effects of CBD in dogs had been observed … New studies on epilepsy are being carried out and the first results are promising. For dogs, CBD comes in the form of capsules or oil to include in food. Some foods available on the market are already enriched with CBD.

Give CBD to your dog, why not, but be careful!

Although CBD for dogs is available for free on the Internet, it is not an overdose on your dog or cat … CBD is still an active ingredient that can cause consequences in case of overdose. Always make sure the THC level is always on less than 0.2%, and seek advice from your veterinarian before administering it to your pet.

How does CBD work in dogs or cats?

CBD works the same way in the body of animals as it does in humans. In fact, it interacts with the endocannabinoid system which plays a key role in maintaining balance … This system regulates pain, anxiety, sleep or hunger. But it also helps control emotions, the digestive system, or muscle inflammation, for example. Therefore, CBD intake promotes the functioning of the endocannabinoid system.

More specifically, CBD in dogs offers the following benefits:

  • It reduces the stress associated with phobias (storms, planes, fireworks, fear of the dark or being alone), but also that linked to life changes such as moving house, the arrival of a child or death of a canine relative or companion.
  • CBD also helps reduce a dog’s aggression, it can play a role in case of premature barking or OCD such as licking, destruction or a tendency to run away.
  • Relieves pain related to diseases, injuries, old age and joint problems …
  • CBD can also help regulate appetite and fight nausea and vomiting.

Beware, CBD is not a miracle cure, but personally, we use it daily for our Weimaraner, a large dog that needs a food supplement to preserve its joints. After three months of daily intake, the dog’s behavior has not changed but his joints no longer cause him pain.

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