From “Anti-Macron” to “Zemmour”: Marine Le Pen from A to Z.

Purchasing power but also that of cats, the Republican front and the anti-Macron front: Marine Le Pen from A to Z.

DEDIABOLIZATION – In recent years, Marine Le Pen has continued to want to soften her image by smiling a lot and focusing her campaign on purchasing power. For Emmanuel Macron, one of the challenges is to demonize the RN candidate again.

WIND TURBINES – He wants to stop projects and dismantle them at the end of his life. ” Wind turbines are an economical and ecological waste “, she says.

REPUBLICAN FRONT – “ weakened “,” insufficient “,” worn out “The Republican front brandished in 2002 against her father and in 2017 against her, she has led the wing.

YELLOW ARMMILLES – The candidate has an ambivalent relationship with respect to this revolt. She says she supports them but rejects their general amnesty. According to a poll after the first round, 44% of the yellow vests voted for it.

HENIN-BEAUMONT – “Marine” bastion, the city gave a large majority to Mrs. Le Pen in the 1st round with 51.32% of the vote. It is in this commune where the Pas-de-Calais deputy continues to vote.

IMMIGRATION – As a result of his election, Marine Le Pen plans to pass a bill by referendum that will establish the ” national priority “.

JEAN MARIE – Marine Le Pen confesses to having “ a thousand differences with her father, who nevertheless supports her. He planned to invite him to the Elysée during his hypothetical enthronement.

KREMLIN – Loan of a Russian creditor, meeting with Vladimir Putin, strategic approach to Russia: the proximity of the RN to the Kremlin is denounced by its opponents.

– In search of votes, Marine Le Pen tried to rally Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s voters. If he judges that certain rebels are ” left-wing Islamists “, all” they are not in that line “, he argued.

M FRANCE – This is the motto of the 2022 campaign.

NATION – Favorable to ” Europe of nations Against the European sovereignty defended by Emmanuel Macron, Marine le Pen wants to approach the Hungarian and Polish models.

– The European Anti-Fraud Office (Olaf) implicates four former far-right MEPs, including Marine Le Pen, for misusing about 620,000 euros of public money.

PURCHASING POWER – Topic number 1 of Ms. Le Pen’s campaign, with a battery of measures such as reducing the VAT on energy products from 20% to 5.5% and eliminating them in a basket of 100 basic necessities.

DIARY – Marine Le Pen assumes to ostracize TV show journalists accused of ” entertainment “And not” information “.

REFERENDUM – Mrs Le Pen is committed to making the referendum the basis of her democratic practice of power. In particular, it wants to implement the Citizens’ Initiative Referendum (RIC).

SYSTEM – Mrs Le Pen thinks her demonization is the result of a ” system “Media and politics that” He is scared “.

TRUMP – Marine Le Pen had failed in 2017 to meet with the former US president, then a symbol of populist success. In 2022, it was finally Eric Zemmour who was able to speak on the phone with the former US president.

UKRAINE – He condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine and is in favor of welcoming Ukrainian refugees. But she had been expelled from the country in January 2017 in support of Russia’s annexation of Crimea.

VEL – Marine Le Pen wants to ban the use of the veil in public space by sanctioning it with a fine.

He woke up She declared herself against wokism and against all “deconstructions

XENOPHOBIA – Invited by BFMTV in 2021, Marine Le Pen denies being xenophobic and racist by taking her popularity abroad as an example. A false step that earned him a green wooden volley.

YANN – His older sister, Yann, supported Eric Zemmour in the race for the Elysee, as did his niece (and Yann’s daughter) Marion Maréchal. Mrs. Le Pen, however, can count on the support of her older sister Marie-Caroline and her father.

ZEMMOUR – The far-right polemicist and his anti-Islam speech allowed the RN candidate to refocus. After having very harsh words for her, Eric Zemmour finally called for a vote in the second round.

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