At Croix-Rousse, Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s voters split for the second round

How will France Insoumise voters vote in the second round? To answer this question, Rue89Lyon went to the Croix-Rousse market (Lyon 4th), to gather the opinion of the inhabitants of the districts who voted majority Jean-Luc Mélenchon in the first round.

In the west of the Croix-Rousse district and on the slopes of the Croix-Rousse (Lyon 4 and Lyon 1 respectively), left-wing candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon (LFI) was a success in the first round.

We can mention above all the office 411 in Croix-Rousse (Lyon 4th) which chose the candidate of France Insoumise with 47.72%, or the office 116 on the slopes (Lyon 1st) which voted with 56.73 % for Jean-Luc Melenchon.

Although the latter did not indicate a very clear voting instruction for the second round -apart from not giving any vote to the National Rally candidate-, what will be the approach of the electorate of Jean-Luc Mélenchon on Sunday 24 April 2022?

Rue89Lyon went to meet the locals in the small food market located a short walk from the Croix-Rousse metro stop. Abstention or take on the far right?

This Wednesday morning, four days before the election, the trend is hard to estimate.

Under the timid April sun, between two vegetable stalls, several of them declared that they did not want to move on the second lap. Still smiling and pleasant, they closed in on the word “presidential election,” like Bélyze, a graphic designer in his thirties:

“I voted for Mélenchon in the first round, don’t count on me in the second. That’s all I have to say. »

Or Audric, 25 years old and unemployed, who tries to explain:

“It’s not that I’m not interested in politics or that I don’t understand the issues, for example I follow closely what is happening in Ukraine. But that … I think I’m too disappointed to make the usual choice between plague and cholera. »

Don’t vote in the second round: “It’s the position of a petty white bourgeois”

Has the blocking order in the second round become a French “habit”, as Audric says? It seems that this observation is shared by several people who want to abstain next Sunday. Like 41-year-old Marie, who is a civil servant. She is accompanied by her exasperated 9-year-old daughter:

“I voted for the left in the first round of this election. I wisely blocked in 2002 and 2017. I’m being asked to start again, I say, that’s enough. Let’s prevent the far right from coming to power by supporting to more and more right-wing candidates, I think that is counterproductive. ”

She continues:

“They are as contemptuous as each other. Many times I don’t vote for who I want but against candidates who have nominated me. I don’t want to do that anymore, it’s my right.”

“It simply came to our notice then. »

Maud, however, says she is very upset with the idea of ​​voting for the outgoing president:

“I understand my friends who say they are too disgusted with the ultra-liberal politics of [Emmanuel] Macron, but we have a responsibility to the people of this country that could be directly attacked by the state if Marine Le Pen is elected president. »

In Croix-Rousse: “I will vote against the fascists in the second round”

The teacher is also unionized CFDT. She adds:

“If Emmanuel Macron announces reforms that I don’t like, I will be the first to take to the streets, but here we must avoid above all [Marine] The pen. »

She concludes:

“I see that Marine Le Pen is trivialized, that today there is a real risk of it happening. It’s very alarming. However, it seems much less moving than in 2002 and 2017; the test, my students hardly talked about it.”

An observation shared by Cécile, costumes. At 26, she works as an intermittent worker. He said he hesitated for a long time before making his decision:

“I will vote against the torches. It is a decision that was not automatic, whereas five years ago. »

Explain the evolution of your thinking:

“At first I was sure not to vote in the second round, or to vote blank. France under Emmanuel Macron was a social, health, cultural disaster … Everything that makes us live in society in fact. Especially because he is no less racist than Marine Le Pen: Gerald Darmanin [ministre de l’intérieur sous la présidence d’Emmanuel Macron] it is alarming when he speaks of Islam. »

“Emmanuel Macron did his best to fight the torches in the second round”

The young woman from Lyon says that she read a lot of the press and listened to political broadcasts to stimulate her reflection:

“I’ve been listening to Médiapart’s A l’air Libre program for the past two weeks. I spend it while I work. It reminded me of my history lessons, what a fascist nation is. My grandmother is Italian, she ran away from Mussolini. He had forgotten the risks of a possible rise to power for Marine Le Pen. »

She adds:

“One thing is certain, the far right, we know when it will take power, we do not know when it will be released. »

Although her decision is made, Cécile projects herself bitterly:

“It simply came to our notice then [Emmanuel] Macron who won. He did his best to stand against the torches in the second round, and forcing us to vote for him. It has created a context for people to hate themselves, for fear to reign. »

“I have a friend who will vote blank. Five years ago I wouldn’t have let him go, I would have proselytized. Today I understand that there are really enough of them. I understand those who want to abstain.”

“They were Jews in 1933, and now they are Arabs”

Genevieve, 53, works as a real estate agent. The people of the Croix-Rousse who come to stock up on fresh vegetables at the market lose some of their good humor when they hear about the presidential election. However, he did not vote for France Insoumise on Sunday 10 April:

“I voted for Jadot [Yannick Jadot, candidat EELV] in the first round. I knew I wouldn’t necessarily pass, but I was eager to vote for the candidate that suited me best. »

The mother intends to “block” the second round, and vote for Emmanuel Macron [Président sortant]. A decision that came to him very naturally, as soon as the results of the first round were announced:

“I have friends who don’t want to vote on Sunday. I honestly don’t understand them. It is true that she [Marine Le Pen, candidate RN] she looked nice with her cat stories, but I don’t think so. »

“They were Jews in 1933, and now they are Arabs. At the time, no one suspected that things were going to turn out, and at the same time, racism had returned to normal. Sounds a little familiar, doesn’t it? »

For the second round, at the Croix-Rousse: “Let them do their part”

As a reminder, 1933 is the year of Adolf Hitler’s rise to power in Germany. Genevieve insists:

“I understand the feeling of disappointment and frustration that dominates the idea of ​​rewriting Emmanuel Macron, I was also very disappointed. He did not fulfill any of his promises in terms of ecology, for example, while his pension reform, which he does not forget. But I will vote against Marine Le Pen. »

The pension reform project has also been cited by most interviewees this Wednesday morning in Croix-Rousse, and never in brilliant terms. This is especially the case for Serge, 68, who is retired:

” [Emmanuel] Macron plans to run the French until they break the pipe, which saves him from having to worry about the living conditions of retirees. »

The native Red Cross continues:

“Why would people go to the polls who have – like everyone else – nothing to do with people like me, retired? The cost of living is rising, so we have raised the minimum wage, but not retirement pensions. »

A former career soldier, he was already struggling to get interested in politics:

“We were ordered not to get involved in politics when I was in the army. Now they want me to be interested, but only two days every five years, to decide between people who are almost equal. I have a hard time relating. Until and I’d say I don’t care. ‘

Therefore, Serge will not vote on Sunday, but concludes confidently:

“We all know that [Emmanuel] Macron will win, he will be the first. Marine Le Pen has no shoulders, you see. Let their things be done between them. »

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