Wig, morgue, devoured cat, real name, men in your life …

Marine Le Pen will face Emmanuel Macron in the second round of the April 24 presidential election. But what do you know about the National Rally candidate? Her secret Instagram account, her past as a party girl, her Bengal cats, her love life, her roommate with Ingrid, her embarrassment in a market … Crazy secrets and anecdotes.

De Marine Le PenNational Assembly candidate in the second round of the presidential election, we know she is the daughter of Jean Marie Le Pen, a former lawyer and committed to the National Front for the most part. But do you know (a little) the woman behind the candidate? Seva outrageous godfatherits past since party girlhis secret instagram accountshe love lifeshe greater shame… Discover the secrets of the 53-year-old politician.

Marine Le Pen: her real name

Did you know that the real name of Marine Le Pen era… Mariona? But from an early age, her family and those around her call her Marina, which is also the first name given to her baptism.

His godfather is Henry Boteyindicates his biography, Mr. Eric, written by Arnaud Ardoin. Died in 2013, he ran an incredible number of nightclubs in Paris, was an influential figure in the Pigalle district. He was christened by the press “the first pimp in France“.

On the night of November 1-2, 1976, the family was the victim of a attack in his apartment located in the 15th arrondissement of Paris. Five kilos of dynamite blow up the building. Marine Le Pen was 8 years old at the time and was there with her two older sisters. Yann and Marie-Caroline, as well as his parents. He the family escapes unharmed and six people in the building are slightly injured.

Marine Le Pen, teenager in relation to a (very) old man

In 1984, Marine Le Pen’s mother, Pierrette, falls in love with a journalist came to interview him. Her parents separated when she was 16 years old. For the next 15 years, Marine Le Pen had no contact with her mother, who wanted to distance herself.

Shortly after her parents separated, he began a relationship with her Lorraine of Saint Africain charge of communication for his father, he learns from the book of journalists of the Inrocks David Doucet and Mathieu Dejean, Politics in spite of her, Marine Le Pen’s hidden youth. She has yet He is 16 years old, he is 32 years old.

Marine Le Pen’s sister, Marie-Caroline, was autonomous for Figaro Magazine. She had then used a pseudonym to write without harming her last name.

Marine Le Pen: Her strange visit to the morgue with her father

When she was 20, Marine Le Pen had it taken to the morgue… By his father. He wants to show him the body of former FN MP Jean-Pierre Stirbois, who had just die in a car accident. “I said, “But why are you taking me?” He told me, “Because I don’t want the first death you see to be me“, he reminded An intimate ambition.

In her youth, Marine Le Pen was a great party girl and she loved it. “flaunting in nightclubs between celebrities“, seconds The Inrocks. Hubert Boukobza, then director of the Bains-Douches, frequents it a few times. “It was obvious he loved her party to erogenous rhythms“, remembered.

Marine Le Pen is mother of three children… That he had in the space of a year! Wool, Gowas born in 1998, while the twins Matilda and Louise they were born in 1998. They were all born of their old love with businessman Franck Chauffroy.

In 2019, Marine Le Pen separates from her partner for ten years. Lluís Aliot. “There are still some a lot of affection between us. Politically, we are following the same line. I have always supported. I am and will be a sailor“, trusts the mayor of Perpignan Opinion.

Marine Le Pen: Her cat devoured by her father’s dog

Marine Le Pen is owner of six cats. The cat lover even dedicated an Instagram account to them. baptized The masked catsit remained a secret … until The Express it did not discover its existence in early 2020. Since the disclosure of this secret, it has rejected every subscription request.

Marine Le Pen experienced a tragedy in 2014, when one of his cats is devoured by his father’s Doberman dog, in his family domain from Montretout to Saint-Cloud, Hauts-de-Seine. He then decides to leave the property to settle elsewhere.

In 2020, Marine Le Pen officially becomes cat breeder. He obtained the Acaced, the certificate of knowledge for pets of domestic species.

Marine Le Pen lives in a roommate with Ingrid …

The presidential candidate now resides her best childhood friend, Ingrid, in La Celle-Saint-Cloud, in the Yvelines. “I live with my best childhood friend and it’s so much easier! My life is stressful. For ten years, the police have been following me everywhere, even to go shopping. Would a man be prepared to suffer all this? (…) I have always known Ingrid. She’s the little sister I didn’t have“He confided in her Closer.

Jean-Marie Le Pen’s daughter has set a strict rule with her best friend and roommate. “There are no men in this house. Even my cats are females“, he clarified in the broadcast An intimate ambition.

Marine Le Pen is now single and happy! “I think you can live single, you can be happy being single. I have family, I have friends, so I don’t feel any special lackhe said recently from seven to eight. However, he did not give up on finding a shoe that would suit him: “I have not given up any sentimental lifefor sure“.

Marine Le Pen and her wig

His biggest shame, Marine Le Pen experienced it in a nice market. She wants to meet some friends there and, to go unnoticed, puts on one brown wig. “At that moment, as she is advancing, there is a girl who says: Alas, look mother! Marine Le Pen with a wig. Well, then the shame of the century. I was discovered two meters later. And after the second embarrassment was taking off the wig“The candidate told Guillaume Pley on TikTok.

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