Vitré: 1,500 euros scam on the Internet, wins the lawsuit against his bank

After receiving a fraudulent email, a 65-year-old Vitréenne was scammed on the Internet. © The Journal of Vitré

The story of Chantal *, 65, begins with the banal receipt of an email. An e-mail called from your bank with all the graphic details of the latter. In this email, your alleged bank tells you this your credit card it must be secured by a “security pass”.

Convinced that this email comes from her real bank, Chantal follows and follows the procedure indicated in the email filling your different bank details. The operation is carried out and Vitréenne goes to bed calmly.

“I feel really cheated”

Only the next morning will the story last another turn. Chantal receives an SMS from her real bank this time, asking if she was the one who noticed a purchase of € 500 the day before. Chantal immediately understands that there has been a problem with the email received. “Right now, I feel very deceived,” she sighs.

Then he gets in touch credit card fraud service from your bank. “He immediately objected and referred me to my advisor.”

Chantal, then, turns to the latter. “She checks my accounts to see that there have been no other purchases. She tells me to wait a while to see if my accounts move and she tells me to go and file a complaint with the gendarmerie in order to create a record of claim for compensation. ‘

Chantal complies, files a complaint and sees her advisor again.

At that moment, he told me to wait and turned to another counselor, a specialist in these files. He asks me for a lot of documents.


La Vitréenne offers copies of emails, complaints and everything administrative documents required. Therefore, the file is in the hands of the bank.

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Withdrawal of € 500 and € 1000

In the meantime, things have changed for Chantal and An additional 1,000 euros were stolen before locking the card. In all, the swindlers managed to steal € 1,500 from Chantal. But Vitréenne is confident, because she plans to get her money back after submitting her file to her bank.

But things will not be so simple.

Three months later, without news of his bank, Chantal decides to go see where his famous record has gone. And there, the astonishment: “They tell me that the file is closed, because my complaint was missing! When he had given it his all. I’m completely lost … “, admits Chantal.

After the discussion, your advisor proposes that you re-file. “I return all the necessary documents for the second time. Days, weeks and months still pass without news. Chantal thus returns to the site to notice the evolution of the file.” And this time, I am told that I will not be reimbursed. »

They tell me it’s my fault, I was wrong and they don’t admit the scam …


A massive blow to Chantal. “At the moment, I don’t know what to do, where to turn. We already feel cheated and then we have a feeling of helplessness. Vitréenne then decided to resort to the branch of the UFC-Que Choisir association in Vitré. “They are taking my file in hand. I am told that they will open mediation with the bank. »

One of Vitrean’s representatives from the association continues: “We exchanged three letters with the bank. Then with the French Banking Federation. We first perform a mediation action. But we realize that no one admits the bank’s guilt. »

Victory in court

On the advice of the association, Chantal commits a lawyer to take legal action. The sentence took place on January 28 in Fougères. “We were pleasantly surprised by the result, the bank was ordered to reimburse the € 1,500, plus the € 1,000 legal fees,” smiles the member of the association.

A relief shared by Chantal: “I am glad to see that we are finally heading towards the victim. I wasn’t asking for more money, I just wanted to be compensated for the scam. So it was a great relief. »

A misfortune that today pushes Chantal to be even more vigilant: “I have completely changed my vision. I no longer feel safe on the internet and with emails. For its part, reports the UFC-Que Choisir de Vitré dozens of similar cases which come regularly to your desktop.

* Assumed first name

Three volunteers from the Vitreous branch of the UFC-Que Choisir association listen to people who are victims of scams. They can be contacted at the following e-mail address: [email protected] or at 06 58 91 74 59.

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