VIDEO. In the heart of the Traversée de Paris, the parade of vintage cars

Yves Cabé, the proud owner of a Peugeot 504 Cabriolet, took part in the 22nd edition of the Traversée de Paris on Sunday, April 17, 2022. More than 800 vintage vehicles crossed the streets of Paris. (© AM / Paris News)

The meeting took place in the first light of day, Sunday, April 17, 2022, in the vanguard of Vincennes Castle. And be they drivers or mere spectators, collectors and motorcyclists they were present at the beginning of the 22nd Traversée de Paris.

After two years of cancellation, the Traversée de Paris returns

Assenting his name to the 1956 French film The Crossing Paris is a biannual automotive event, where collection vehicles complete a tour of the capital. No speed or time record is expected here: the Traversée de Paris is more than one traveling museum. One clarification: we can talk about collectible cars and motorcycles once they are over thirty years old.

One last mime of the car before leaving the Traversée de Paris. (© AM / Paris News)

So there’s no Tesla on the horizon, though Jaguar E-Typefrom Porsche 356Cfrom Harley-Davidson WLC or even Alfa Romeo Juliet. As vehicles pile up, spectators and drivers merge more and more. Everyone takes the time to admire the latest Ferrari arrival or ask for the floating engine of the Citroën C6. Was two years that not all of them had been found: previous editions were canceled due to the Covid-19 epidemic, while the current Traversée was postponed after a peak of contamination.

Preserve childhood memories

“It’s a dream to be here,” slips Thibault with undisguised pleasure. Passionate about motorsports, he pays close attention to the cars and their drivers that are admired. If you do not participate in the Crossing, you plan to attend, even if only as a passenger. Yves Cabe, will be part of the Crossing. Gray hair and a mischievous smile, he is on board 1973 Peugeot 504 Cabriolet B12 who participates in the event.

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If the Traversée de Paris is done with old vehicles, sailing is also out of fashion. Thus, each driver receives a paper map of the route to follow. (© AM / Paris News)

With a design designed by the Italian company Pinifarina, this 504 represented “the elegant French car of the time,” recalls Yves Cabé. “The organizers told me that I was going to open the Traversée, I don’t know why,” he said, appreciating this small distinction. In pole position, with the seat belt bent and the car open, it starts up.

I bought this car in 2018 for about 20,000 euros. It was a childhood dream. I’ve always been sensitive to cars since I was young and there’s a part of me that hasn’t grown since.

Yves CabeParticipant in the Paris Crossing

Crossing the streets of Paris with his car in the electric blue body, enjoys the attention aroused. “This type of car attracts attention and sympathy. Passers-by are often curious and respectful, with many questions.”

When not behind the wheel, Yves Cabé officiates in the world of finance. By not being a mechanic, he entrusts the repair and maintenance of his car to a specialist. “Once I retire, I plan to take a mechanics course and finally get my hands dirty,” he predicts.

More than 800 vehicles at the exit

For its 22nd edition, the Traversée de Paris has established a route of approximately 30 kilometers in Paris. He Seine docks, the Louvre, the Sacred Heartme ‘Arc de Triomphe… The route of the parade gives a privileged place to the cultural heritage of the City. “The circuit changes every year,” says Samuel, a Mini rider and Traversée participant for the third time.

After almost three hours walking the streets of the capital, the first arrivals, including Yves Cabé, returned to the vanguard of Vincennes Castle. “It was a great excursion,” explains Audrey, aboard her 30th anniversary mini edition. A mechanic in construction and passionate about vintage vehicles, she was one of the few women to drive a car during the Traversée.

In total, 826 vehicles, including motorcycles, cars and even tractors participated in the 22nd edition. The date has already been set for Sunday, July 31, 2022, for the summer edition of the Crossing Paris.

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